DNC Ad Targets Citizens As A Mob And Extremists

Not only am I a right wing extremist, but now I am part of a well dressed angry mob that is well funded by the Republican Party.  THIS ISN”T ABOUT PARTY!  I am so pissed I cannot see straight.  Nobody pays me to show up at tea parties in my shorts and T-shirt.  Nobody pays me to blog or host my radio show.  I get absolutely no benefit from doing the political work I do except the satisfaction that I am doing my part to save my country from these politicians who are ruining it – from both parties.  The blatant lies coming from the Democrats over this healthcare issue is mind-boggling.  They are losing and desperate and now are attempting to turn citizen against citizen.  We cannot allow the government to tear us apart.  We are in this together.  We do not want socialism and government control.  We do not want our hard earned dollars wasted.  We do not want to be informants on our neighbors.  We are not Republicans or Democrats or Independents – we are Americans.  We love our country and our children.  If that makes me an angry extremist joining a mob fringe, then I am proud to be a part of that.  No one has to beg me to show up at a townhall and voice my frustration or bus me to an event.  My love of country is what gets me off the couch.


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