The Patriotic Uprising

The government must fear the people that it represents and the Patriotic Resistance is on the move to evoke our leadership to do the things that We the People are demanding.  Those issues include stopping the spending, no government healthcare, no amnesty, no Crap & Tax and listening to the American people.  When a government stops fearing the people, it listens to special interest groups and lobbyists and We the People get stuck with the bill.  People are waking up and they are making their voices heard at townhalls around the country.  You Tube is awash in videos displaying our resistance and resolve. 

Lloyd Doggett in Texas held a little meeting with his constiuents outside of a grocery store in South Austin to discuss ObamaCare.  As he tried to leave the event, the crowd hoisting signs and flags began to chant, “Just Say No!”  They surrounded him and followed him to his car and they surrounded the car preventing him from leaving as they continued chanting.  Despite the fact that Spokesmoron Robert Gibbs said that these are fringe groups of people organized by groups on the right, we know the truth.  And we are not creating “chaotic mob scenes” as Chris Matthews likes to claim.  These people did not touch the Representative.  There was no violence and no chaos.  Just chanting and signs.  No police needed to be called.

Then there was Health and Human Services Secretary Sebillius and Arlen Sphincter in Phillie at a townhall at which they were booed when they were introduced.   One Patriot asked why our representatives are not reading the bills and Sebillius defended Congress going on and on about how hard they work and since they write the bills, they obviously have read the bills.  I guess Conyers was mistaken?  These people do not write the bills, their staff writes the bills.  And Sphincter defended himself claiming that his staff divides up the bills and reads them since they have to make judgements quickly.  The audience erupted in displeasure.  There is no need to make snap judgements in any of this legislation.  We know they are executing this legislation quickly, so that we are broadsided and do not realize the types of actions they are cramming down our throats.

Rep. Tim Bishop in Suffolk County found himself being beat back by an elderly veteran when Bishop tried to claim that we have proof that government healthcare works through the VA.  This true American Hero informed Bishop that he has to wait two months to see a doctor and that the VA is not working.  We also know that MediCare is not working either.

We must continue to hold these Washingtonians’ feet to the fire.  They must realize that we are the government and they are paid to listen to us and do our bidding.  The elections in 2010 cannot get here fast enough!


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