Elderly Hold Obama’s Feet To The Fire

Yesterday at a townhall hosted by the AARP, President Obama found himself being questioned harshly by elderly Americans who have heard about page 425 of HR3200 and its provisions about end of life counseling or what I like to call “brainwash the unwanted old people so they want to do their duty and die”.  Our elders also have history to look to and they know that socialized medicine leaves them out of the loop.  The President himself mentioned during his ABC healthcare infomercial that some old people will be told to just go take a pill for their pain rather than have surgery when a woman asked him if her mother who was 100 and needed a pacemaker would be allowed to get one under his plan.  That does not give the elderly much hope under ObamaCare.

“I have been told there is a clause in there that everyone that’s Medicare age will be visited and told to decide how they wish to die,” one caller, Mary, asked Obama.  “This bothers me greatly and I’d like for you to promise me that this is not in this bill,” she added.

Obama’s answer after some pause to make sure he did not blow this answer like his “Cambridge police are stupid” answer was, “I think that the only thing that may have been proposed in some of the bills — and I actually think this is a good thing — is that it makes it easier for people to fill out a living will.  But, Mary, I just want to be clear: Nobody is going to be knocking on your door; nobody is going to be telling you you’ve got to fill one out.  And certainly, nobody is going to be forcing you to make a set of decisions on end-of-life care based on some bureaucratic law in Washington.”  Do you believe him, Mary?  I sure would not because his previous answers and the wording of the bill says something quite different.

My advice to all of us and in particular our elderly, is to read this new bill being marked up by the House.  Scrutinize it carefully because Progressives are Eugenicists, which means the elderly are expendable.


8 responses to “Elderly Hold Obama’s Feet To The Fire

  1. Godless American

    These people’s fears are based on the lies coming out of Fox and Friends, and from the Lewin group. There’s absolutely nothing in the bill that even suggests for elderly to be treated this way.

    Unfortunately, instead of actually researching the issue, you’re going to puppet the same old lies and rhetoric.

  2. Unlike libtards who parrot Obama, I actually do research my own stuff and reported on the wording on p. 425 before Fox ever mentioned anything. You may give the government the benefit of the doubt when it comes to discussing end of life issues, but I do not and I understand Progressives very well.

  3. Godless American

    Yes, I’m sure you know a lot of progressive people.

    The fear mongering never ceases amongst the Right Wingers.

    • Pretendent Obama has a six-month history of resorting to fear mongering in order to sell his socialist poop. But when he does it, according to him and his clowns, it is for our benefit. But if anyone expresses opposition to his socialist schemes or voices dissent, according to the pretendent and his braying jackasses, it is fear mongering and scare tactics.

      Wise up, Godless American. You must stop thinking that you are a fundamental thinker just because you think with your head up your fundament. It doesn’t work that way. That is just plain ass-backwards.

  4. The current administration’s rule number 1 for fear mongering politics: Never let a crisis go to waste. Hence, Obama now wants 1.5 billion dollars to “mobilize” health care professionals in response to all the federal, state, and local governments ratcheting up the swine flu hype. Now that sure looks like fear mongering to me.

    These despicable lefties (progressives) are like damn monkeys in captivity who are always throwing feces at you because they think you’re trying to take their banana away.

  5. Is the DHS still afraid of and warning Americans about Right Wingers, soldiers and conservative Christians?

  6. Godless American

    This entire issue is make believe. There is absolutely nothing that supports any belief that elderly people will be left to die.

    Secondly, your title doesn’t even fit the video. Also, there was no pause before his answer. He was quick with his response that it wasn’t true. You’re not paying attention to reality, you’re trying to fit what’s happening into your preconceived notion of what the world looks like to you.

    It’s frightening that there are so many people that are willfully as ignorant as you.

  7. Ha Ha Ha Godless – someone who’s blog is named leftagenda and uses Godless American as a name is lecturing me on reality. The video has an elderly woman asking Obama a question he really cannot answer because he hasn’t read the bill. Read page 425 and inform yourself. You can trust the government with your end of life decision, but I don’t and can make mine without a government counselor. The President himself has claimed that old people willl be given pills for their pain instead of surgery. I watched the ABC infomercial. The willful ignorance comes from people drinking the government Kool-Aid with an agenda.

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