Conyers On Healthcare Bill: Surprising And Terrifying!

Well, maybe not so surprising since we are talking about a lefty loon when we are discussing House Judiciary Chairman John Conyers.  He gave a speech at the National Press Club this week and made some comments about the House’s healthcare bill (HR3200).  Most people have heard him complain about a colleague and We the People in general wanting our representatives to read the bills they vote on before they take that vote.  He said in regards to HR3200 that he would need 48 hours and two lawyers in order to read the bill.  I think this was his idea of humor, but it just pissed me off.  What some people missed is something he said during that same speech that was more alarming.  He said, “We need a real serious bill and, by the way, the fundamental question, ‘Is health care a constitutional right?  I mean, do you have a right to health care in the American system of government or not?  Well, we believe that people do and we’re introducing a constitutional amendment just to make it real clear so that you don’t have to infer or assume that that’s a given and all that.”

MY GOD THESE PEOPLE ARE INSANE!!  They step on our Constitution as if it is as worthless as toilet paper and now they are discussing adding an amendment that will make their crap ObamaCare a Constitutional right?!  Over my dead body – which I have a feeling they would greatly desire.


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