China Summit In America Worthless

The government needs to stop wasting time and money with Obama’s foreign policy and diplomacy.  Now he is playing nice with the Red Chinese who have been in America for the past two days to discuss our relationship and most importantly, economics.  As usual, nothing has been accomplished other than Obama coming out and announcing that the United States sought a new era of “cooperation, not confrontation” with China.  Yeah, I’m pretty sure that was all previous presidents have done with China is be confrontational.  Particularly that Clinton guy.

The truth here is that China has us in a debt headlock.  They own over one trillion dollars in our debt and could destroy us in one fell swoop even as Timmy Tax Cheat Geithner tries to reassure them that inflation is not on the horizon.  Geithner must have forgotten that he was laughed out of China last month when he claimed that our economy was improving and that we would lower our deficits.

The President wanted to convince China to start importing our goods since we import so much of their goods.  Why should they when they can just buy their own more cheaply?  Maybe we should try manufacturing our own goods – such a novel idea.  And Hillary and Obama are still pleading with China to get on the new green energy bandwagon.  They obviously have not noticed that China’s economy is thriving as they build one new coal fired plant every week.  China is not about to stop their manufacturing sector, especially since they know that this green energy movement is a farce. 

The President also wanted cooperation from China in regards to North Korea.  Nothing came of that either.  So we see our leadership once again bumbling along and getting nothing done, but they sure look impressively busy.


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