Americans Love Their Fallen Soldiers

Watch this video!

This gives me hope that they will never take our country from us. Thanks to all our troops who have served, especially those that paid the ultimate price for our safety and freedom.


2 responses to “Americans Love Their Fallen Soldiers

  1. That’s a stirring video, Diane. After watching it and wiping the tears from my eyes I was compelled to call my son who is stationed at Fort Lewis. He will be departing for Afghanistan in the next couple of days.

    I’ve spent over twenty years on active duty and have been to a few military funerals. The playing of Taps never fails to evoke quite an emotional response from me.

    The last military funeral I attended was a couple of years ago in Radcliff, Kentucky just outside the gates of Fort Knox. The young soldier returning home that day for the final time attended the same high school my son attended. His name was PFC Sammie Phillips. The scene that day was much like the scenes in the video of the tribute to SFC Beale. Unfortunately, a few despicable people from Westboro Baptist Church showed up and I personally participated in running them out of town.

  2. God bless your son, John!

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