ObamaCare Infomercial 2 Coming

I am currently visiting family in Colorado and it warmed my heart to know that a liberal representative here in Colorado, Jared Polis, is putting up a roadblock to ObamaCare.  His main gripe is about the surtax being aimed at wealthy Americans.  I imagine that his constiuency is made up of a great deal of these people because who has met a liberal that does not want to tax the rich?  ObamaCare is losing traction quickly as America wakes up to the fact that this legislation will ruin the best healthcare system in the world and America in general.  The administration has even switched to calling ObamaCare reform for health insurance rather then healthcare reform.

Tonight a second ObamaCare Infomercial will broadcast during primetime and they are even going to run a live chat on Facebook to appeal to younger people.  I wish I could be in that chatroom because the people who care enough to watch this crap are not in favor of the President’s type of reform.  I guess the Obama adminstration did not get the hint when the first inomercial was a bomb in the ratings.  When are the broadcast stations going to get a clue?  They must really fear this guy to throw away their money the way they do on this drivel.  And what exactly does Obama think talking more about his ObamaCare will do?  Does he think he can convince you that his plan is right?  Is this some form of hypnosis?  This has become so much more than just a battle of the parties.  Obama tried to point fingers at the GOP for going after him rather than wanting to help the country when Jim DeMint referred to ObamaCare as Obama’s Waterloo.  The truth hurts.

Obama is trying to get this done quickly, although his timetable seems to be stretching to the end of the year now rather than August, because of his loss of traction and because of the light being shined on the Senate and House versions of healthcare reform.  I already discussed the revelations on page 16 about people not being able to keep their private healthcare eventually.  Page 425 appears to have a requirement that the elderly will have to receive end of life counseling several times in their final years.  Probably to help them “realize” that they should support rationing that will leave them out in the cold.  And we also now have seen last week, the House Ways and Means Committee defeated an amendment that would have prevented illegal aliens from using the so-called “public health insurance option.”  So ObamaCare is being set up not only to force those with insurance to pay for the insurance of those that do not have it, but also for people who are not already citizens.  I can already see the masses crossing the border even more heavily than they do already.  Look, America is offering free healthcare to all.

These people are determined to destroy our country and so we must be more determined to stop them!


One response to “ObamaCare Infomercial 2 Coming

  1. I totally agree with the above. I’m guessing that the seal of the president displayed when President Obama speaks must have some sort of hypnotic tilt to it, or perhaps his turning his head back and forth from one teleprompter to another might do the trick. Nonetheless, most folks who are following the issues and keeping track of cause and effect have kept ourselves together. There seems to be a concentrated effort on the part of the administration and those friendly to its agenda in DC, the media, Hollywood and others in favor of big government to use some sort of mental Chinese water torture effect by repeating the same things over and over again in the hope they can rephrase their agenda in a way that will dupe the public. Happily, most people are smarter than that. However, as you suggest, we must keep up our barrage of emails, letters, etc.. to our representatives and anyone who will listen that we are not in favor of the government growing any larger than its over-sized rumpus already is. We, in fact, need to ratchet back the size of ‘the powers that be’ and let the people again be the deciders of their destinies.

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