ObamaCare Bills Just Powergrabs

Investor’s Business Daily has already uncovered a hidden power grab in the House’s version of ObamaCare.  On page 16 of the bill is a provision that will make it virtually impossible for individuals to keep their private health insurance.  It states, “”Except as provided in this paragraph, the individual health insurance issuer offering such coverage does not enroll any individual in such coverage if the first effective date of coverage is on or after the first day” of the year the legislation becomes law.  This means you cannot change your coverage ever if you want to keep your private insurance and if you decide to work for yourself, you will not be able to buy private health insurance.  This monstrosity weighs in at 1,018 pages, making it longer than the Bible and far more complicated.  If this is on page 16, what is on page 100 and then 250 and so on?

ObamaCare already threatens private insurance companies by getting into the game of insurance.  Common sense tells anyone that a subsidized program will out compete any private program.  And where did Obama get the idea that there was not competition in the the health insurance industry already?  There is no need for government to get in the game to offer competition.  All ObamaCare will do is whither the health insurance industry to the point that it dies and a public option is the only option.  The public option already promises to be 30% to 40% cheaper which will entice businesses to drop coverage for their employees as well.

ObamaCare is really just a power grab.  If the government decides who gets treatment and what kinds of treatment can be received, then it is akin to God deciding who will die and who will live.  It is a hidden facist tactic of eugenics and population control.  For decades, progressives have wanted to wipe human beings from the Earth.  At least, human beings that do not think like they do. 

The Senate has already delivered their own version of ObamaCare as well, although it is only about 600 pages.  The Senate bill requires businesses with 25 employees or more to offer health insurance or pay $750 a year per full-time worker to the government as a fee.  All Americans would be required to buy health insurance with their bill as well.  An exchange like the one Obama has decribed previously will be implemented where small businesses and individuals could compare different plans and purchase the one that suits them.  The exchange would include the soon-to-be-only-option, the public option.

The President and the Congress have claimed that these plans will bring down costs, but the Congressional Budget Office, which is impartial, disagrees.  Testimony Thursday by Congressional Budget Office Director Douglas Elmendorf revealed that both bills would increase government spending (thus the deficit) and would not reign in healthcare costs, nor bring down premiums for individuals with private insurance.  “The creation of a new subsidy for health insurance … would by itself raise federal spending on health care. … [T]o offset that there have to be substantial reductions (on the tax or spending sides of the ledger],” Elmendorf told the Senate Budget Committee. “The changes we’ve looked at so far don’t represent the fundamental change on the order of magnitude that would be necessary.”

We must stop these bills for the sake of our country!


2 responses to “ObamaCare Bills Just Powergrabs

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  2. Honey, He is backed into a corner and I see him coming out fighting. I think he’s actually scaring and freaking out the people in DC with him. I do believe unless they are more diabolical than him they are wishing they had never heard of him.

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