Sotomayor Hearings An Exercise In Futility

Our government must be joking!  Surely this is not how we conduct hearings for a Judicial nominee to the highest Court in the land.  Judge Sonia Sotomayor not only has been audaciously praised by Democrats to the point of nausea, but she apparently was given the questions that Democrats would be asking her.  That is the only conclusion that I can come to as I watch Sotomayor stumble, hestitate and carefully word her responses to Republican questions and then quickly and thoroughly answer Democratic questions with case law and well thoughtout responses.  It is obvious for anyone with common sense.

These hearings really are an exercise in futility.  Judge Sotomayor is giving the types of responses one would expect from a nominee to the Supreme Court.  These answers heavily contradict several of her rulings and almost every speech she has ever given.  She has gone from being the angry racist, identity politics nominee to the sweet and charming believer in fidelity to the law and the Constitution.  So which is it, Sotomayor?  I always look to what people do rather than what they say because talk is cheap.  Especially when that talk cheapens the confirmation process, but that is not surprising when considering Al Frankenstein is on the panel questioning Sotomayor.  Their banter delved into the deep judicial recesses of Perry Mason – yes, that Perry Mason – the lawyer on TV.

Senator Jeff Sessions said, “”It’s muddled, confusing, backtracking on issue after issues.  I frankly am a bit disappointed in the lack of clarity and consistency in her answers.”  Not only has Sotomayor been inconsistent, she has not bothered to answer the big questions on gun rights and abortion.  She determinedly sidestepped volleys of Republican questions on those issues today and kept her notorious bad temper under wraps as well as her opinions during the day long questioning.   Sotomayor used legal doctrine and carefully worded deflections to ward off tough questions and most Republicans did not push the issues.  Lindsey Graham even told her that he might vote for her before he hammered her with tough questions.  The public needs to know where this woman stands on these issues and our representatives on both sides need to get those answers.  My God, she will be making these decision on the Court!

The fact that she is guaranteed confirmation also makes this futile, but there is a bit of light at the end of the proverbial confirmation tunnel.  Future generations will look back and see that there was an effort made to stop the confirmation.  It is the same for us who are fighting this facist movement sweeping our country.  We may fail, but future generations will laud us for our fight and know that we did not “go gentle into that good night.”


One response to “Sotomayor Hearings An Exercise In Futility

  1. You are not kidding, however one of my brothers is under the impression that she is the lesser of many other evils, go figure…

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