Global World Order Rearing Its Head

The G8 Summit last week appeared to be a big zero in regards to moving forward any substantive agreements in regards to greenhouse gas emissions and hot spots in the world like Iran, but the world’s spotlight on Italy did reveal a growing movement towards some type of global world order.  For years, tinfoil-wearing conspiracy theorists have been scoffed at, but perhaps they have been slightly on the right track.  Pope Benedict wrote in an encyclical titled “Charity in Truth” that a “world political authority” was needed because of the worldwide economic recession and crisis.  The Pope went even further calling on a form of “redistribution” of worldwide wealth to help those most affected economically.  That sounds to me like a one world government with a one world economy.

Russian President Medvedev called for a supranational currency and even produced a prototype minted in Belgium in the form of a coin.  The words that the coin beared read, “Unity in diversity.”  The heads of the G8 delegation each received a coin.  Medvedev said that the coin “means they’re getting ready.  I think it’s a good sign that we understand how interdependent we are.”  Several countries from Brazil to China have been calling for a change from the dollar when it comes to reserve currency and the IMF seems to be complying with suggestions of a multi-currency reserve.

And we have a president who readily embraces such talk as he travels around the world apologizing for America and trying to make nice with all of our enemies, shaking hands with the likes of Hugo Chavez and Mohmar Khadafi.


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