Social Security Administration Follows AIG Model

Our representatives in Washington were in an uproar when they discovered that American Insurance Group (AIG) was awarding executives with large bonuses and holding elaborate conferences and reward trips after receiving bailout funds from the government.   Rep. Barney Frank practically lost his flubbering tongue.  And the governmental outrage lead to the implementation of new laws and power for the government particularly in the person of the Pay Czar who has oversight over what executives of bailed out companies are paid and whether they can receive bonuses.  All this outrage seems fabricated and ironic when considering that the Social Security Administration (SSA) will be following the AIG model this week.

The SSA is spending taxpayer dollars to fly in 700 managers from places as far away as Guam and American Samoa to Arizona for a training seminar.  This is no ordinary seminar being held at a conference center.  No, this training is being conducted at the five star Biltmore Hotel in Arizona – a hotel that has been dubbed the “Jewell of the Desert”.  The Biltmore features:

  • 740 guest accommodations
  • 78 one-and two-bedroom villas
  • Eight swimming pools
  • Seven tennis courts
  • A full-service resort spa, salon and fitness center
  • Five dining options
  • All of the rooms have been reserved by the SSA and Peter Spenser who is representing the SSA defended the training saying that this was strictly for training -yeah right, then why are we not using a traditional conference center and hotel – and he claimed that this was not like the seminars conducted recently by AIG because the SSA has not received bailout dollars.  That would be correct, but obviously Mr. Spenser seems to have forgotten that the SSA is COMPLETELY FUNDED BY TAXPAYER DOLLARS!   That makes this little training exercise all the more outrageous.  And when one contemplates that fact that the SSA has almost bankrupted Social Security and wastes billions of dollars every year in overpayments and payments to unqualified people like dead people, the thought that they are wasting more tax dollars living it up on our dime makes one more than outraged.

    But wait, the SSA got a great deal and is only paying $100.00 per room a night, so we should be grateful.  Look at how well they are doing at saving us money.  Really makes me pleased to send them more of my tax dollars.


    4 responses to “Social Security Administration Follows AIG Model

    1. So, let me get this straight, you’re ticked because Social Security chose to have training in Sizzling Arizona at 100+ temperatures at the Biltmore, where they did get a pretty good rate and they paid for their own entertainment? Where should it have been held? Motel 6 or maybe one of those hourly rental places. How about a better location, like Quartsite? Since when were Social Security employees restricted from going to a Casino on their own time and dime? Have you ever tried training over the internet or using Interactive Video Training? Sometime’s corporations and agencies alike do need to get together in person, to promote teamwork and get to know their co-workers. I don’t have any idea how much was spent on this conference or whatever you want to call it, quite frankly they could have chosen a more vacation-like venue, where any place would have cost more money and they didn’t.

      As for the comment about already wasting taxpayer $$ on overpayments. You can blame that on SSA all you want, but if the taxpayers would actually report the way they were supposed to report timely, maybe so much money wouldn’t be wasted. Maybe they should hire some more lazy Government workers (sarcasm) so they could keep up with these investigations that they wouldn’t have to do if the taxpayers were all honest.

    2. Let me guess, Marylou works for the government – the SSA perhaps. And the internet most definately offers great ways for training that would be even better for one on one training rather than 700 people all together. Explain all the checks going to dead people, Marylou.

    3. hotel employee

      Poor journalism…you think not spending money on training is going to fix the problems with the social security system? And then let’s go ahead and slander these people that brought revenue to the people that work at the hotel and the local arizona economy..and how can you say that the biltmore is not a traditional conference center??? Have you ever been there?? Did this journalist really conclude that they flew in 700 people from all over while not accounting for the local people that attended in arizona and the people that drove in from out of state..and also let’s get some facts right, it was actually $85 a night which during season is close to $500 a night..Maybe you should go back to school and learn how to cover a story instead of plaguirizing crappy fox news biased reports..f**kin’ a**wipe!!! (Edited for libtard language)

    4. the actual American professional medical Association yearnings Congress so that you can preserve heath care treatment for more mature adults by blocking a big Medicare minimize to health professionals. If absolutely nothing is done as a result of December 1, doctors are going to be receiving 25% fewer from medicare, which has negative repercussions to your elderly clinical, the AMA (American health care Association) launched today.

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