Obama’s Russian/G8 Trip A Big Zero

The President experienced a very poor reception in Russia from both the leadership and the people of Russia. His speech at a Russian University received a tepid response. Prime Minister Vladimir Putin managed Obama as the foreign policy novice that he is and agreed to none of the provisions that Obama hoped to get agreement on, save for allowing some military and supplies to pass through Russia to Afghanistan. The missile defense shield is still an issue that Russia will not allow and, in fact, has threatened Poland and the United States with retaliation if we proceed with construction. This is enemy talk, not the speech of an alli. Russia still maintains their position on Georgia and would like to take back that “territory” and not allow it to stand as its own country. The President responded by not visiting Georgia on this trip.  An obvious act of subservience to Putin.

Then it was off to the G8 Summit which revealed our President to be even more inept than we already knew him to be and proved to be a complete waste of time for the world and our country.  How much money did this waste?  There was no agreement on climate change which was the President’s main objective.  He proceeded this trip by cramming down the throats of the American people the Crap and Tax Bill, which passed the House before he left for Russia.  He must know this will hurt America if he has any sense at all and the fact that he is forcing us to agree to these limits while the rest of the world resists is illustrative of exactly what this bill will do to an economy.  Emerging and developing economies like India, New Zealand and even China, want nothing to do with this global warming legislation or agreements.  None of our allies supported Obama in his climate change efforts.  This means that even if this global warming crap was real and not a farce, no matter what America does, there will be no change in greenhouse gases.

So there was no reset of the relationship with Russia as President Medvedev ended the G8 threatening us and acting just as authoritarian.  There was no agreement on Iran that would have any substantive effect.  No agreement on climate change except a 2050 plan.  So despite the fact that our President would like to meddle around the world, oh wait, he does not want to meddle, the world will not let him.  He is proving to be an impotent leader and an international joke.  The adulation is fading throughout the world.  And polls are indicating that his approval in America is dwindling fast.  And this trip equaled out to a big zero!


3 responses to “Obama’s Russian/G8 Trip A Big Zero

  1. Obama is just carrying out American foreign policy. He is ELECTED President of US. There is no difference between democrat and Rep Presidents. America is a thug country which exploits weaker and poorer nations

    • Thought I would try to clarify the above statement. The flibberty flarn joop slarz the uggadabuggada fri-tang. There. I think that makes more sense. Isn’t that what you really meant, tarunshri? That’s what I thought.

  2. Yep, that’s America alright. Just a bunch of thugs that send millions of dollars around the world in assistance and millions of tons of food as well. We always come running in a crisis. Boy, we sure do exploit countries.

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