Orlando Independence Day Tea Parties Disappointing

There were two tea party events held in Orlando on Independence Day.  I chose to head north to Eustis, Florida for a small town gathering to get a different feel and perspective since I had already attended two previous Orlando tea parties in the morning, so I missed the early event held at Amway Arena.  A friend of mine attended that event and said that the crowd was fairly small with only about 500 in attendence.  If someone has a different report, I would like to hear it, so please leave a comment.  The event in Eustis hosted by the North Lake Tea Party group had the same number of people by my estimate.  It was a wonderful gathering with a hot air balloon set up for rides, a tribute to our military complete with the playing of Taps on a trumpet and booths representing groups like American Solutions and FairTax.org.

I attended Orlando’s second event which was hard to find since there were two different addresses given on different websites.  This was a really small gathering – maybe 150 people by the time I found the place.  This was a more intimate gathering which did make it nice because people were able to take the microphone and voice their grievances at will.  But 150 people at an Orlando tea party?!  A huge gathering had formed down the road at Lake Eola where people were partaking in the beer garden and music and setting up chairs to watch fireworks.  All the radio stations and news stations were in attendance.  It was a stark reminder that the people of this country are still asleep.

Several people who took the microphone complained about the party being held on Independence Day because they were unable to get friends and family who were curious to come.  I do not know numbers around the country, but I imagine attendance was low everywhere for this very reason.  How pathetic!  People obviously have no idea why they even celebrate July 4th.  They obviously have no idea that the Declaration of Independence is in shreds. 

And this will piss off more than a few, but shame on anybody who did not attend an event in their area and chose instead to do the BBQ and fireworks thing instead.  Because I did the BBQ and fireworks thing as well after I managed to attend two tea party events, both of which were 40 minutes from where I live.  The government has to see us out in numbers if we are to make a difference.


8 responses to “Orlando Independence Day Tea Parties Disappointing

  1. Wow, I was very sad to read this. I do wonder how they turned out in my city. We were on vacation and I never could get anyone to answer my requests for where the gathering would be in the city we were visiting. This is a great post and right, how pathetic. Freedom is not Free.

  2. I was wondering if anyone felt the same way I did. thats the way I felt about this most recent round of tea parties in general. It seems that the turnout was much less impressive than it was on April 15th. Now I may be more critical because i didn’t have any events near me in Connecticut, but this article definitely echos the way I feel – these really needed to be much bigger in my opinion

  3. Well, yes it was disappointing but it’s not really very difficult to understand. While the Fourth of July, Independence Day, certainly seems to be an appropriate day for tea parties, in hindsight, it was probably a bit naive for any of us to believe that the turnout for such activities would be significant or would come very close to meeting anyone’s optimistic expectations.

    Independence Day is essentially the first significant holiday of the summer, particulary when it coincides with a weekend. School is out and people all across the nation have planned trips and summer activities with family and friends. Unfortunately, we forgot to take into consideration that there would be a lot of conflicts of schedules, plans, and conflicts of interest. Coincidently, the untimely death of great American “hero”, Michael Jackson, also expediently diminished almost everything of real importance to us which should have been covered in the news by our “responsible” media.

    I guess I’m going to have really get involved and explain to someone how to do this right. This is getting pathetic. An example of what I mean might possibly be gleaned from knowing how presidential pretender Obama found himself addressing a crowd estimated to be more than 200,000 people in Berlin last year.

    First of all the size of the crowd in Berlin was exaggerated by the media, particulary the US media. I learned this from reading German media reports. Most Americans wouldn’t know this because they don’t read German newspapers and our media didn’t report the conflicting crowd estimates. I sometimes do read German news because I try to stay abreast of things going on in Europe, particularly Germany, because I visit there every two or three years and I have family there with whom I often engage in political debate. But most importantly, what the US media neglected to report to all of us here in the US was the fact that Obama’s speech was preceded by the performance of two of the most popular musical entertainers on the European circuit, Reamon and Patrice. Their concert was free and quite attractive to young people. My understanding is also that there was plenty of bratwursts and beer. The truth of the matter is the fact that most of those people didn’t go to listen to Obama. But they sure had a good time listening to him.

    So the next time we plan a tea party, call it something besides “tea party” (unless we actually plan to dump something or somebody into the sea), schedule it more appropriately, spend some damn stimulus money on a bunch of fireworks, get Glenn Beck and Sean Hannity and Diane (writer of this blog) to show up as guest speakers but kick the whole thing off with a free concert performed by AC/DC and Toby Keith and the winner of American Idol. Beer and bratwursts would also be a big plus. If we build it, they’ll come, dammit! It’s like…A-B-C…it’s easy as 1-2-3…it’s simple as do-re-mi…I’m gonna teach you how to sing it out…come-a come-a come-a let me show you what it’s all about…Oh my god I’m going crazy.

    I know it seems crazy, but we have to admit, craziness sells in this country. If you don’t believe it, then take another look a look at who’s sitting in the white house and the halls of Congress and please explain to me how in hell they got in there and did I forget to mention Michael Jackson. Gawd…for the first time in my adult life I’m no longer as proud of my country as I should be.

  4. Well John, as much as I would love to believe that I could draw crowds at a tea party I have a feeling nobody would care! And you’re not crazy – the country is – you’re slip into Jackson music had me laughing out loud.

    The March on Washington is Sept. 12th and I think that is going to be our big moment in the sun because everyone will be attempting to gather in one place. I’m hoping that for those who cannot make it to Washington D.C. that tea parties will be held around the country in solidarity.

    • I’m glad I was able to make you laugh about it, Diane. I sort of thought from reading your posts over the past few days that you were needing something to cheer you up. And yes, a lot of people would care about you would have to say…especially if they had been pumped up by AC/DC performing “It’s a Long Way to the Top if You Wanna Rock-n Roll” and then you were introduced by Glenn or Sean. You’d knock their socks off.

      Yeah…Now, that’s what I’m talking about! A march on the Capitol! I intend to make that fit into plans I’ve made for the first couple of weeks in September. It just so happens that I’ve planned a road trip around that time, so there is no conflict of scheduling and certainly no conflict of interest. Do you think it would be alright if we TP’d the white house? Just a thought.

  5. Does anyone know if this group is co-ordinating a July 17th March on our Representative?

  6. Truth – I guarantee if you show up, there will be people there. We don’t need coordination for this other than the fact that the national plan is for everyone to be in front of Congressional offices at 12pm ET, 9am PT on the 17th.

  7. Nationwide Health Care FREEDOM rally at offices of Senator Nelson & Senator Martinez at noon. 225 E. Robinson (Lk Eola) on July 17

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