NBC Giddy After Al Franken Becomes Senator-Elect

The thought of Al Franken strolling the halls of Congress is nauseating enough without having to listen to supposed journalists fawn all over the former Saturday Night Live “comedy” writer.  I put “comedy” in quotes because SNL has never been a funny show and this most certainly was true with Franken’s bits.  Franken appeared on NBC’s Today show yesterday morning and Meredith Viera could hardly contain herself.  Here is the transcript with my commentary in blue:

MEREDITH VIEIRA: Now to politics and the man who will give the Democratic Party a super majority (I’m sure she was giddy inside with the thought of the left having complete power.) in the U.S. Senate. Following 239 days of legal wrangling, Minnesota’s Supreme Court now declared former SNL cast member Al Franken the state’s junior senator. We spoke on Wednesday and I began by asking him how it feels to be senator-elect.

SENATOR-ELECT AL FRANKEN: It sounds good. Senator is going to sound just a little bit better. (It makes me nauseous.)

VIEIRA: Just a little bit better. Well, this has been a long time coming. (Long time coming according to who – the man has stolen the election.  She acts like Minnesota was dying to have him and that he truly deserves this Senate seat.) You are a guy known for your great sense of humor. (Are you kidding me?!  More like his bizarre behavior and angry outbursts.) You kind of shoot from the hip a lot. Was it hard to keep your mouth shut and just let this thing, sort of, play out over the past seven-plus months? (What the hell kind of qestion is this?)

FRANKEN: Well, fortunately I lost my sense of humor right away. (You never had one.) So, I didn’t have a problem.

VIEIRA: It did get a little contentious, didn’t it?

FRANKEN: Well, I tried not to make it about that, and it, you know. Minnesota has a real process here. Minnesotans should be proud of our process. It’s thorough. We can say that. And it’s transparent, and our election officials acted with incredible integrity. So Minnesotans should be very proud. (What a farce!  Votes turning up in the backseats of cars and ballots that had more than one vote were counted.  Some votes counted and some not based on whatever random person made the random decisison.)

VIEIRA: You talk about a close election. 2.9 million votes were cast. You won by just 312 votes.


VIEIRA: Are you conscious of that as you head to Washington D.C. next week? (Meredith, what does he care – he’s in?)

FRANKEN: I’m very conscious of it. I know that there are a lot of Minnesotans who didn’t vote for me and it’s up to me to show that I’m going to be working for them. You know, there’s going to be a lot of talk and you brought it up, the talk of super majority. I don’t see myself as the 60th Democrat in the Senate. I see myself as the second Minnesota senator. (That is plainly a lie.  This guy is so left he practically falls off the charts.  He is a for sure vote for any Marxist agenda Obama presents.)

VIEIRA: And finally, are you more worried about becoming a target for the GOP or a target for Saturday Night Live, your old stomping ground?

FRANKEN: I’m not worried about either. I’m most concerned about hitting the ground running, and getting the job done.

Well, one thing is for sure, he will give us plenty of material for months and years to come.  If it was not for the fact that these ignorant sycophants were not destroying our country, I would be having a great time.  Between the President’s Teleprompter handicap and Gibb’s ums and ahs and Joe Biden’s diarrhea of the mouth and Barney Frank as himself, I have had more material to aim my irreverence towards than ever before.


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