President Stronger On Honduras Than Iran

Despite blood running in the streets of Iran for over two weeks now, our President has been very weak and tardy on condemnation of the leadership in the country of Iran where young people have been protesting in the streets about voting fraud and their desire for freedom.  The President waited six days before he said anything more than that he was “deeply troubled” about the events in Iran.  The military coup in Honduras received immediate attention from the President as he joined with his Marxist buddies in condemning the military for ousting Honduran President Manuel Zelaya.

This was the first military coup in Central America in decades and was triggered by Zelaya’s desire to overturn the constitutional law in Honduras allowing a president to serve for only one term.  Mr. Zelaya was voted in as president in 2006 and would have his term end in 2010.  The military made a pre-dawn raid on the President’s residence and sent Zelaya to Costa Rica.  Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez put his own troops on notice to help his buddy Zelaya in any way that he could.  My bet is that Zelaya got the idea to push for more terms than allowed by the actions of Chavez in Venezuela who a few months ago bucked the system and put to a vote the ability for him to run again for a third term.  Venezuela law only allows for two terms.  Chavez was successful in a heated decision.

Despite the fact that Honduras has known relative calm from an earlier era of dictatorships, Zelaya has moved the country far to the left.  President Obama was quick to join the EU in condemning the coup and said, “Any existing tensions and disputes must be resolved peacefully through dialogue free from any outside interference.”  And yet Obama pledged the U.S. to “stand on the side of democracy” and to work with other nations to resolve this matter peacefully.  The President also declared that the coup was “not legal”.

Congressional President Roberto Micheletti was sworn in as the new President and has said if Zelaya returns to Honduras, he will be arrested.  Whether the ousting of Zelaya is right or wrong, the reaction of our President to the coup have been very enlightening.


5 responses to “President Stronger On Honduras Than Iran

  1. The reason for obama supporting this is both simple, and clear. He too wants to over turn our Constitution.

  2. Enlightening indeed! I’m not the least bit surprised that Obama would side with his socialist usurper buddies Chavez and Zelaya. They’re as thick as thieves.

    Of course Obama doesn’t approve of miltary coups such as the one in Honduras. Of course he’s reluctant to express moral support for civil uprisings such as the one in Iran. No doubt he disapproves of the American Revolution as well.

    I’m certain it’s the last thing he’d like to see happen any time soon right here in the United States. Why would he express moral support for people in other countries who have had enough and decided to take action in order to take their country back from constitutional usurpers and wanna-be dictators who are so like what Obama and his cronies aspire to be. It’s precisely what we should do here – rise up and stand up – before it’s too late. They are afraid that it’s what we will do.

    Obama, along with the significant number of no-gooders in Congress, is the biggest fraud ever foisted upon this nation. This son of a Kenyan goat herder is nothing but the great pretender. I look forward with great relish to the day he becomes a lame duck president halfway through his first and only term.

    Whew…glad I got all that off my chest. Felt so good, I think I’ll head down to my favorite pub now and unload again.

  3. It ‘s a perfect writing. Thank you.

  4. You can unload here anytime John!

  5. David Maximillian

    Dude, your comment is absolutely on point. Fact is, the False Messiah is worried he and his cronies may be facing the same situation here in the USA sometime in the next few years.

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