Open Letter To The Traitors In The House

I have sent emails to the eight Republicans that crossed the aisle to support and pass the greatest tax the American people have experienced in a long time.  The phone lines were full and burned up.  I hope that whatever these people were offered was worth the betrayal of We The People.  Here is the general email I sent:

“I am not in your district, nor your state, but my money can go anywhere and I will be watching your re-election very closely as I lend financial support to any conservative that runs against you.  Thank you for the additional money I will see on my energy bill to the tune of $.50 a day.  And all the talk of rebates is laughable as we all know that the government’s money comes from us.  What exactly were you offered to pass this thing and where are your principles?”  Did you bother to read the entire bill?  I am sure the answer is “no” since even Superman speedreading could not have read the bill which totaled over one thousand pages, hundreds of which were added barely twelve hours before the vote in the middle of the night.  Carol Browner, the Climate Czar, admitted on FOX News that she had not read the entire bill, but vast portions.  You all must really believe we are stupid.  We will not abide the continued running over of our freedoms and desires while you do not even provide us the full competancy of at least reading the laws you are enslaving us through.  We do not forget and I promise the eight Republicans that voted for this bill that your names and numbers will appear on the back of the sign I will hoist at the two Tea Parties I attend this Independence weekend while you enjoy your time off spending my tax dollars.”

I guess this is just more fuel for my grassfire as I declare, “Fire them all!”


3 responses to “Open Letter To The Traitors In The House

  1. They got to ya just a little huh?


  2. I just added a youtube to that post Diane, you might be able to use it as well.

  3. Cool!

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