RINOs Betray Principles To Pass Carbon Tax


President Obama was quick to urge senators to pass the Cap & Trade Bill that passed the House yesterday afternoon despite efforts by the American people to stop the bill from passing because it equates to the largest tax ever leveled at the American people.  It is a job killer and an economy slower.  Yesterday, Mike Pence told Sean Hannity that we needed to worry about Democrats rather than Republicans, but the truth appears to be that we need to worry about Republicans because eight of them helped to pass this bill.  Forty-four Democrats crossed the aisle to vote against the bill.  Obama equated voting for this bill to having courage.

The President used his weekly radio address to put pressure on the Senate, “My call to every senator, as well as to every American, is this, we cannot be afraid of the future. And we must not be prisoners of the past. Don’t believe the misinformation out there that suggests there is somehow a contradiction between investing in clean energy and economic growth.”  The President is the one delivering misinformation.  This bill could add as much as $2,000 to people’s yearly energy bills.

Obama also claimed that the bill will “spur the development of low-carbon sources of energy — everything from wind, solar and geothermal power to safer nuclear energy and cleaner coal.”

“We passed transformational legislation, which will take us into the future,” said House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, after the 219-212 vote.  This legislation will transform, but not necessarily in the way America needs.  Particularly when one thinks about the fact that global warming is a farce and has never been scientifically proven.  “For some it was a very difficult vote because the entrenched agents of the status quo were out there full force, jamming the lines in their districts and here, and they withstood that,” Pelosi said.

The vote marked the first time either house of Congress has passed legislation to curb global warming gases. The bill contained 1,200 pages, three hundred of which were added as a seperate amendment in the middle of the night the day before the vote.  The American people are not stupid.  We know that this bill was not read just as the Porkulus Bill was not read.  I imagine that the amendment contains several pay-offs for representatives that voted for the bill. 

“The bill is not perfect, but it is a good product for the Senate,” Reid said. “Working with the president and his team, I am hopeful that the Senate will be able to debate and pass bipartisan and comprehensive clean energy and climate legislation this fall.”

The government still maintains that this Carbon Bill will create millions of new jobs despite the fact that Spain has had very different results.  For every one job that their clean energy economy has created, two have been lost.  If this bill would create the leader in the global economy, would not Spain be the leader of the world economy right now since they lead in this area?  This is just more cram down for Americans.  Now we have a new spark to light our fire for this next weekend’s Tea Parties.

Call the traitors:

Bono Mack (CA) (202) 225-5330
Castle (DE) (202) 225-4165
Kirk (IL) (202) 225-4385                                                                                                                                                                                       Lance (NJ) (202) 225-5361
LoBiondo (NJ) (202) 225-6572
McHugh (NY) (202) 225-4611
Reichert (WA) (202) 225-7761
Smith (NJ) (202) 225-3765


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