Amnesty Watch Marathon June 27th-28th

Join me and a group of internet radio hosts and bloggers for a weekend of informative and opinionated programming on the coming amnesty legislation.  Yesterday, a bi-partisan group met at the White House to start etching out a plan to give illegal aliens amnesty and devastate this country even further.  The marathon is being hosted by the Conservative Alliance on Blog Talk Radio.  Here is the schedule:

Saturday, June 27th

10am EST (7am PST) Dan Clements, Back to Basic
11am EST (8am PST) Dan Clements, Back to Basic
12pm EST (9am PST) David Robertson, An American Warning
1pm EST (10am PST) Patriot’s Heart 
2pm EST (11am PST) 14th Amendment Panel Discussion moderated by Dominic
3pm EST (12pm PST)  Panel continues (Members: Loki, Scott Maxwell of Border Control Now
4pm EST (1pm PST)  Loki, Halls of Valhalla
5pm EST (2pm PST)  Richard, RadioActive Politics
6pm EST (3pm PST)  Ryan Gallagher, Conservative Report
7pm EST (4pm PST)  David Allen, Ipolitic
8pm EST (5pm PST)  Healthcare Panel Discussion moderated by David Allen
9pm EST (6pm PST)  Panel continues (Members: Daria DiGiovanni, Stephen Rhodes
10pm EST (7pm PST) Patriot’s Heart 
11pm EST (8pm PST)  Lee, C.F.G.A.
12am EST (9pm PST)  Wrap-Up Party

Sunday, June 28th

10am EST (7am PST) Diane,  Freedom’s Wings w/ co-hosts Daria DiGiovanni & Foosis
11am EST (8am PST) Ken Pettigrew, Ken Pettigrew Show
12pm EST (9am PST) Dominic, Domination Show
1pm EST (10am PST) Patriot’s Heart 
2pm EST (11am PST) Stephen Rhodes, The Republican Temple 
3pm EST (12pm PST) Education Panel Discussion moderated by Richard Dean
4pm EST (1pm PST)  Panel continues  (Members: Stanger73
5pm EST (2pm PST) Richard, RadioActive Politics 
6pm EST (3pm PST) Doc, Doc’s Place 
7pm EST (4pm PST) Patriot’s Heart
8pm EST (5pm PST) Jobs Panel Discussion moderated by Diane
9pm EST (6pm PST) Panel continues (Members: Doc, Stanger73, Curtis (Gateway Patriot)
10pm EST (7pm PST) Stanger73
11pm EST (8pm PST) Stanger 73
12am EST (9pm PST) Wrap Up Party – Action Items


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