Republican Infidelity Continues With Mark Sanford

I expect infidelity from the left.  I have come to expect it from Republicans as well.  It would seem that politics and infidelity go hand in hand.  What I did not expect was to hear that South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford was not just taking some erratic break to hike the Appalachian Trail, but that he was in Argentina continuing an eight year affair.  Mark Sanford held a press conference today and confessed that what had started out as a friendship eight years ago had grown into a full blown affair this year.  I personally could care less when the “spark” he talked about started.  Obviously, an emotional affair started far longer than just a year ago.

Thankfully, Sanford’s wife did not stand next to him as he publically confessed his sin.  His confession sounded hollow as he barely spoke about the pain he must have caused everyone involved and practically sounded like a lovestruck school boy describing details of his illicit affair.  He said he would step down as President of the GOP Governor’s Association, but made no indication of whether he will step down as governor.  I have a feeling that the people of South Carolina will be impeaching him – not necessarily for the infidelity, but for the erratic behavior he engaged in over the past few days.   His behavior of leaving town without telling anyone, including his family, where he was going and being out of contact had me scratching him off my 2012 list of presidential possibilities.  The affair only solidifies that conclusion for me.

Sanford has taken the eye off the ball for conservatives and the media as they focus on this and forget that a healthcare infomercial is scheduled tonight and Cap & Trade is set to come to a vote on Friday.  So I’m done talking about this and ready to get back to work.  There are more important items to focus on then the selfishness of yet another politician.


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