President Obama Press Conference June 23rd, 2009

The President opened up his daytime solo press conference today with a brief statement covering Iran, a clean energy economy and healthcare.  The President’s comments on Iran were finally condemning of the government’s violence against the protestors.  I predicted on Saturday that he would come out yesterday more firmly as he caved to pressure, so I guess I was off by a day.  The President still does not understand freedom and his statements still came across as lukewarm at best.  He made sure to emphasize that America is not meddling despite the fact that Iran already has blamed us for the protests.

Obama actually said that “the Iranian people are trying to have a debate about their future.”  Funny, I could have sworn that these were protests on the street, not debates.  The term “debate” comes off as silly and incongruent from a man who claims to be a community organizer, so he would be a specialist in protesting.  Then the President patted himself on the back as he brought up his speech in Cairo again – are we ever going to get past hearing about how great a job he did there?  Most common sense people saw the Cairo speech for what it was:  empty words from an empty man who gets more out of saying resplendent prose, than following through with deeds that would make a difference.  The hollowness of the Cairo speech has been evidenced by the President’s inability over the past week to strongly condemn the Iranian leadership, bear witness to the obvious voting fraud that took place and to uphold the Iranian youth who were obviously begging the outside world to hear them through their signs written in English.  Obama obviously did not mean a word of his speech about American ideals and values that are shared by other countries in the world.

The President warned us that the carbon tax is coming our way this week as well as he brought up his farcicle clean energy economy again which will only devastate our economy.  The President said incentives would be offered that “could create millions of new jobs in America.”  Excuse me – could?!  I guess he is not making big promises anymore since his track record has been to break nearly every promise he has made.  And there is no proof that the nation that leads in clean energy will lead the 21st century’s global economy.

Then the President promised that the healthcare bill that Congress and he put together must be paid for without adding to the deficit.  A statistical impossibility unless, of course, you tax the people – all the people.  The middle class can be expected to be hit hardest especially since healthcare benefits for those making $100,000 and over will be taxed.  I expect that margin to drop to $50,000 by the time the bill is passed.

Questions were heavily slanted towards the Iranian crisis.  Major Garrett of FOX News pressed the President on whether Iranian diplomats were still invited to U.S. embassies for the 4th of July and the President indicated that the invitations still stand.  When another reporter asked if the offer to negotiate with Iranian leadership still stood, the President answered that they are waiting to see how things play out first with the protests.  I guess dead peaceful protestors is not a strong enough indication to our illustrious leader that negotiations with this regime are neither likely, nor desirable.  The mealy mouthed positions of our pantywaist leader are truly terrifying in the dangerous world in which we live.  A reporter from Huffington Post asked a question from an Iranian about under what conditions would Obama accept the election of Ineedajob?  The President could not even say that he believed there was fraud involved despite the fact that the Guardian group there that was recounting votes admitted that the numbers reveal that there had to have been fraud involved.

Do the Kool-Aid drinkers see yet the errors of their ways when they voted for this peaceful community organizer?  He is trying to community organize the world.  It does not work!


One response to “President Obama Press Conference June 23rd, 2009

  1. I think we need to be more wary of the Cap and Trade bill which will just be a tax hike at a time when, according to polls ( consumer confidence is starting to rally. Also, polls also show that the stimulus has been hugely unpopular, the President will have a hard time selling other policies to the public.

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