Will Obama Protect Our Military Or Is IMF More Important?

Detainee photos depicting deplorable acts committed against terrorists in military custody were going to be released until the President blocked that release.  The President was advised that the photos would cause more unrest and an uprising against our military members in the Middle East.  Now it would seem that the President has more important priorities like sending more taxpayer money to international entities.  I knew that the President was not committted to blocking the detainee photos because he never issued an executive order to block the release of the photos.  And now we know why.

Senators Joe Lieberman and Lindsay Graham joined forces to sponsor an amendment that would suppress the photos through the Congress and attached that amendment to a war supplemental bill.  Also attached to that bill was an amendment giving a $108 billion line of credit to the International Monetary Fund (IMF).  The IMF is an organization that America should not be connected to because it is working to exchange the dollar as the world currency standard to something else that they will control which entails several currencies being used.  This is the group that Tax Cheat Geithner worked for when he committed his tax evasion.  Supporting the IMF is like supporting the United Nations.

Top House Democrats warned that keeping the Lieberman-Graham amendment in the supplemental bill would prevent the passage of the bill and thus, the IMF would not get the line of credit.  The amendment was removed from the bill in conference.  The IMF provision remains in the bill despite protests from Republicans because it is a top priority for the President.  This equates to bailouts for foreign countries using our money. 

We are not only bailing out companies and banks here, but now foreign countries and at the expense of our troops.  Sure makes it easier to write out my quarterly tax payment.  Actually, it will give me more fuel for my fire on Independence Day.


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