Does Iranian People’s Protest Make Any Difference?

Currently, America is the country that offers the most freedom in the world.  And yet, we have voting irregularities, rampant fraud and most voters feel that they do not truly want either of the two main party candidates to win.  They feel as though they are voting for the lesser of two evils.  So it is easy to identify with the Iranian people who are outraged enough over their recent presidential elections to take to the streets in protests that have already left seven people dead.  Reportedly, seventy percent of Iranians voted in the election.  America looks pretty pathetic in comparison where voter turnout is tepid and usually stands around thirty percent. 

But do the protests make any difference for the Iranian people?  Common knowledge is that Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei is the one who picked the candidates that would be up for election and he claimed that President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s win was divine providence.  There is no doubt that regardless of whether Ahmadinejad or his rival Mir Hossein Mousavi come out as the winner after targeted recounts at certain voting areas, the Ayatollah and mullahs are the ones in charge of the country and nothing will change for the Iranian people.  The recount is a tool that the leaders are implementing to calm the masses and convince them that their votes truly counted. 

Journalists are being asked to leave the country and Americans know full well why that is happening.  Iran does not want world scrutiny of their process.  They do not want the people of Iran to be informed.  They want their protests to go quietly away and for the country to return to the calm of nuclear build-up and the rantings of the lunatic President Ineedajob who will soon be railing against Israel once again.  The protests will mean nothing unless the people rise up against the religious leaders.  This is so reminiscent of another protest that we recently commemorated that lead to no change for the people: Tiananmen Square in China where many protestors were massacred.

We cannot let our protests here in America be relegated to these same fates.  Despite the fact that the mainstream media would like to portray our government protests as teabaggers that have become lunatics, we must ensure that the government hears us and listens.  And they will hear us again on Independence Day.  A day that Iranians and Chinese people have never known and a day that reminds us that we have so much to lose if we let socialism take our country.


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