The President’s Pipedream Speech In Cairo

The sentiments of the President are really commendable, but his visions and beliefs about the Muslim world are truly a pipedream.  He is trying to reach out to Muslims by telling them that we share all the same values that they do and that was the core of his speech today in Cairo.  If that were true, would not all these countries be Republics?  Why are we the only Republic on the planet?  No other country shares the values and principles of America completely and Arab countries are some of the furthest from American values.  The President continued to appeal to the Muslims by reminding them of his middle name again and his upbringing in Islam as well as pointing out that Senator Keith Ellison took his oath on the “holy” Koran – an action that I remember inflamed the passions of Americans and outraged many of us. 

He also made an appeal about the world’s daughters and that they can contribute just as much as sons.  The President made appeals based on our belief that all men are created equal.  The Muslim nations of the world treat women as less than second class citizens and his words will never change that.  This is so easy to say in Cairo.  Many of the things he remarked today are easily said in Cairo, but I would love to see him give this speech in Sudan. 

The President commented that he was a Christian.  In the world of most Muslim believers, the President has committed a major offense.  He was born to a Muslim father and raised going to Muslim schools and yet he has turned his back on that and supposedly become Christian.  That is considered to be an offense punishable with death according to many Koran scholars including one of the founders of one of the four orthodox schools of law of Sunni Islam.

The President again related his dreams of a world without nuclear weapons, even as he says that it is permissible for Iran to push for nuclear energy.  The President also said that Americans do not support Israeli settlements, a sentiment many Americans do not share.  Where were the calls for the Muslim world to recognize Israel as a nation and their right to live and prosper in their land?  He did call on Hamas to do that, but all of Islam needs to be there as well.  Israel is not just under threat from Hamas.   And he contradicted reports that he wants the Palestinians to have Jerusalem by saying it should be a place for Jews, Christians and Muslims.  The President also said, “And I consider it part of my responsibility as president of the United States to fight against negative stereotypes of Islam wherever they appear.”  That is not his responsibility.  Our security is his responsibility.

The President referred to himself as a student of history, but his history is a bit convoluted in places and he spent part of his speech apologizing for America and the world in general for sins against the Muslim world.   Obama is well intentioned, but just does not seem to grasp the reality of the Middle East or the history.  A dream for peace throughout the world and in particular in the Middle East is a pipedream.  A lofty goal that is not worth the energy.  The President needs to come home and put his energies into America and our economy and security.

The truth is that even as the President panders to the Muslim world and calls for world wide peace, a soldier will be laid to rest here in America who died at the hands of a Muslim here in America.  That is reality.


One response to “The President’s Pipedream Speech In Cairo

  1. I do hope that his dream becomes a reality. But, alas, not likely. Good analysis of his speach!

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