Why Is The President Pandering To Muslim World?

The Presidential trip this week that begins in the Muslim world has me wondering, once again, where the President’s loyalty lies.  On Wednesday, the President meets with King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia where I anticipate he will once again bow to the King.  This part of the trip, as well as the visit and speech in Cairo, is being termed as an outreach and effort to change the conversation with the Muslim world.  So far the President’s efforts in this arena have been paying off well since violence in Iraq is up, the Taliban is on the move in Pakistan and we just stopped a terrorist attack from taking place in New York.  What exactly does the President think giving a speech to people who hate Americans and specifically Jews and Christians is going to accomplish?  The Muslim world will only be happy with America and ally with us when we accept Sharia Law.

White House Spokesmoron Gibbs said in a press conference on Friday about the speech in Cairo on Thursday, “President Obama’s speech will be an important part of his engagement with the Muslim world, which began in his inaugural and has continued through venues such as his interview with Al Arabiya, his Nowruz message, and his speech and town hall in Turkey.  The speech will outline his personal commitment to engagement, based upon mutual interests and mutual respect. He will discuss how the United States and Muslim communities around the world can bridge some of the differences that have divided them. He will review particular issues of concern, such as violent extremism and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. And he will discuss new areas for partnership going forward that serve the mutual interests of our people.”

That Israeli-Palestinian conflict that the President seems to think he will solve calls for Israel to give up Jerusalem and stop settlements in “Palestinian” territory.  World Net Daily is reporting that a Palestinian Authority official has told them that the President’s meeting with President Mahmoud Abbas last week went well for the PA and the oficial said, “We were told from this new administration they will not allow a Netanyahu government to hurt their efforts of rehabilitating U.S. relations with the Arab and Islamic world, which is a high priority of Obama.”  Perhaps those Muslim studies from his youth meant a little more to Obama then we have been lead to believe.

Nimer Hamad who is Abbas’ senior political advisor said, “[Abbas] heard from Obama and his administration in a very categorical way that a Palestinian state with Jerusalem as its capital is in the American national and security interest.”  People wonder why I claim that Obama is not a Christian.  What Christian would side with the Muslims over the Jews who have been an ally for decades without us having to bargain anything with them?  And what Christian would slap God in the face and give His city to the Muslims?  Jerusalem must never fall completely into Muslim hands!  It should not be divided as it is now.  I know that you have not bothered to read the Constitution, Mr. President, but at least read your Bible.  And try praying to God for guidance.  If any of our previous presidents would have listened to God, I’m sure they would have heard Him tell them that there will be no peace for Jerusalem until He comes again so stop pandering.

Denis McDonough with the NSC said during the same press conference, “So the message the President wants to send is not different, frankly, than the one he’s been sending since he was inaugurated, namely that we believe that this is an opportunity for us in the United States, who, frankly, have arrived at a place here based on many of the advances that come out of the Muslim world, be it science out of Baghdad, be it math and technology out of Al-Andalus or otherwise. The fact is that we’ve had a great partnership over the course of many decades. We want to get back on a shared partnership, back in a conversation that focuses on the shared values, and that’s what the President will talk about in Cairo.”  Shared values!?  Since when do we send our children to blow themselves up and consider it an honor?  Since when do we treat women as less then second class citizens?  And how about those honor killings that have floated across the pond to America?  People worry that gay marriage will allow for polygamy – try allowing Islam to take over and you can hang up America’s values on marriage.  And I know that math and science have much to thank the Muslim world for in the past, but what innovation have they brought to the table in recent years?  A bomb packed with nails to do more damage?

Somedays I feel as though I live in an alternate reality.  At least the President will take the time this trip to honor our fallen soldiers in Normandy.


3 responses to “Why Is The President Pandering To Muslim World?

  1. I think he’s showing weakness and I believe this is exactly what the extremist Muslim world has been hoping for – he’ll reach out a hand and they will blow it to smithereens. I don’t like where all this is headed and it worries me considerably.

  2. It’s back to “political realism” which seems to mean that you foster “stability” in an area where there is no stability by any definition. It’s an area of civil wars, terrorism, coups d’etat, revolutions, other little stable , peaceful activities. Or don’t annoy me by my having to do anything.

    He seems to believe that if he just forces Israel to bow to Islamist desires, then all will be peaceful and he will be a world savior, or something like that. He canceled an Israeli request to buy helicopters to stop terrorism.

    Alternate reality doesn’t even begin to describe it.

  3. we all need to stock pile munitions
    because they are not coming they are already here
    and with this idiot in the white house [white mosqe]
    we are just about done for
    get all our troops out of the deserts drill our own oil
    and just blow them all to allah and his invisible virgins
    are there any muslim virgins!!!!

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