Obama Administration’s Identity Politics And Racism

Remember the above scene from November 2nd, 2009?  Two members of the New Black Panther Party stood outside of a Philly polling place and intimidated, coerced, racially slurred and promised the “crackers” they would soon be ruled by the black man.  One of the men stood with a night stick in his hand and both men were dressed in the regalia of the Black Panthers down to the jackboots.  The scene was witnessed by several people and the Bush administration brought charges against the New Black Panther Party and both of these men. 

Now Attorney General Eric Holder, a black man, has dropped the charges because they did not feel the case was important enough to prosecute.  This is despite the fact that none of the parties charged in the case showed up for the hearings meaning they would have been found guilty with no trouble.  The Department of Justice only served the man wielding the night stick with an injunction to prevent him from doing this same thing in the future.  So we have a half-black man and a black man protecting the New Black Panthers; a racist organization who supported the Obama campaign and even had their moniker appear on Obama’s campaign website until the campaign was called on it.  A screen capture can be found on the Sweetness & Light blog here.

So we have an Obama administration that promised to transcend race dropping these charges and nominating a Supreme Court Justice nominee because she is a Hispanic woman.  Sounds like the only race that is being transcended is the Caucasian race.  Promise number 1,567 broken.


2 responses to “Obama Administration’s Identity Politics And Racism

  1. Anyone can take part in this history in order to say NO to the Fascists, racists and the extremist…
    Thanks for the support and the solidarity from the members of the civil society.


    Premised that Miss Rossi or Mr. Bianchi had both 27 years exactly as me in 1990 and was engaged for the affirmation of plans of their life like all the human beings after waiting or study years in order to find a job, but suddenly something gone rung, not for reasons of natural calamity, war, scarcity, political repression… like that happening to the refugees and the displeased ones that suddenly collapses the sky on them and lean and lose all! In this case the cause could be justified, but if

  2. Right on the money that we no longer have…

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