President Obama Declares, “You Ain’t See Nothing Yet.”

President Barack Obama declared, “You ain’t seen nothing yet,” at a glitzy Hollywood fundraiser on Wednesday evening.  That scares me to my core because what we have watched unfurl over the last four months has wrapped this country in chains of debt, regulation and control.  The President in his arrogance said, “[He] would put these first four months up against any prior administration since FDR.”  Although I would agree that the Obama administration has brought about many changes to America, that is not necessarily positive.

Although the President now has in place a large number of Czars running all facets of government control that answer to no one but him, and even though he now runs banks and car companies, and despite the fact that he will soon control the temperatures of our homes, what and how much we eat, how often and what we drive, what kinds of education our children receive, who gets medical care and even though he will be forcing most of the population into voluntary servitude, he says that he is “not satisfied” and “I’m confident in the future, but I’m not yet content.”

He will not be content until this country is completely beholden to another Superpower known as China presently.  He will not be satisfied until he runs every industry in America.  He will not stop until he has “changed” America forever and buried the Constitution permanently.  It amazes me that anyone can still feel hope and be positive about the President and America’s future when they watch him bow to our enemies, flounder when threatened, stumble when not given the words he is to speak via TOTUS and piles on deficits we have no hope of paying for generations to come even as he informs the country that we “are out of money.”

For those who believed the lies that he would cut your taxes, you better prepare yourselves.  He has already hit many of you with the cigarette tax.  The energy and sugar taxes are soon to follow.  Hidden taxes that will accumulate in the process of manufacturing or importing products will be added to everything you purchase.  And eventually your income taxes will rise because he will have no choice because someone has to pay for all his promises of “free” stuff. 

The President is right I suppose that he has bettered every president before him when it comes to wrapping us in bondage.  So when he promises that we “ain’t seen nothing yet, ” I feel as though I am in a waking nightmare.


2 responses to “President Obama Declares, “You Ain’t See Nothing Yet.”

  1. VERY TRUE… One to add though America is a Constitutional Republic with democratic principals, America is NOT A FULL BLOWN DEMOCRACY as many in both parties would like and lead us to believe


  2. That’s as good as if I had said it myself. I think you’re my soul sister.

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