Sonia Sotomayor Is A Racist

Progressives everywhere feign indignation over the obvious fact being stated by conservatives that President Obama’s Supreme Court Justice nominee, Sonia Sotomayor, is a racist as revealed by many of her statements and rulings throughout the years,  Only those who are intellectually dishonest could deny such a claim.  Tom Tancredo, who has endured the label of “racist” for years, was one of the few GOP members to be audacious enough to speak the truth:

The left can deny the facts all they want, but they cannot explain away statements that Sotomayor has made like this one, “Whether born from experience or inherent physiological or cultural differences … our gender and national origins may and will make a difference in our judging. … I would hope that a wise Latina woman with the richness of her experiences would more often than not reach a better conclusion than a white male who hasn’t lived that life.”  So a Latina woman would give better rulings than a white man according to Sotomayor.  If the tables were turned, Latinos would be crying, “Racist!”  And keep in mind that this statement was made at a gathering of  La Raza Law Journal.  La Raza is a racist group whose name translates as “The Race” with an air of superiority.

Rush Limbaugh and Newt Gingrich have both referred to Sotomayor as racist.  Gingrich tweeted: “Imagine a judicial nominee said ‘my experience as a white man makes me better than a latina woman.’  New racism is no better than old racism.  White man racist nominee would be forced to withdraw. Latina woman racist should also withdraw.”

In a famous ruling that is coming before the Supreme Court – interesting that President Obama did not mention this and instead chose to speak about Sotomayor’s baseball ruling – Sotomayor joined an unsigned opinion rejecting a lawsuit from a group of firefighters in Ricci v. Destefano.  She chose to not even deliberate in the lawsuit.  This lawsuit was filed on behalf of white firefighters who claimed reverse discrimination and that their civil rights were violated when results from a test that they passed were invalidated because not enough minorities passed the test to be promoted – only one Hispanic firefighter passed.  The lead plaintiff, Frank Ricci, battled dyslexia and spent months studying for the test, which he passed, but because no African-American firefighters passed he was denied a promotion. Second Circuit Judge Jose Cabranes, a Clinton appointment and liberal, wrote after hearing that Sotomayor rejected the case: “The opinion contains no reference whatsoever to the constitutional claims at the core of this case. This perfunctory disposition rests uneasily with the weighty issues presented by this appeal.”

Being a racist should be enough to keep someone off the Supreme Court bench, but even worse than this is the fact that Sotomayor believes that the Judicial Branch has the ability to legislate from the bench.  She even stated coyly during a speech that the Appeals Courts “create policy” and then quickly tried to cover herself by saying she should not say that since she was being taped.  As a Supreme Court Justice, she will be required to uphold the Constitution and our rights guaranteed in the Bill of Rights, but in a Second Amendment battle in Maloney v. Cuomo, Sotomayor joined an opinion holding that “it is settled law” that the Second Amendment only limits federal, and not state, gun control laws.  Thus she believes that states can take away gun rights.

This woman must come under heavy scrutiny from the GOP!  They must not back away fearing that they might be tagged as racist and lose the Hispanic vote if they fight this nomination.  This is the battleground and this is the time.  Jeff Sessions gave a lukewarm statement that they would be thorough with Sotomayor, but he sounded weak and timid.  The GOP needs to start echoing the leaders outside of Congress like Limbaugh and Gingrich and fight for our Constitution!


6 responses to “Sonia Sotomayor Is A Racist

  1. Obama’s choice of Sotomayor was obviously not because she is the most qualified to fill the position – obviously that is questionable just as Acorn Boy’s own judgement and qualification for his job is reasonably considered dubious. Nor was it because her nomination and subsequent confirmation would be in the best interests of the nation. It’s quite the contrary. This becomes abundantly clear with the realization that those things about her, those very things which cause the red flag to go up, are precisely why she was chosen. She will facilitate the agenda.

    Her membership in La Raza, as well as her racist and sexist views, qualified her for the job which Obama and the Demagogic Party want her to do. If she is confirmed, I believe we’ll be able to easily predict just what kinds of “policy making” we can soon expect from the Supreme Court. More change to come and it won’t be pretty.

  2. Do you know how dumb you both sound. Sotomayor refers to “THAT life”. She is so obviously talking about a specific example of the type of case where a woman and/or non-white perspective might be relevant. The Supreme Court is there to interpret law. If it was black and white you would not need judges. And for anyone to think that only white men can interpret for a society that is multi-ethnic with equal numbers of women is just plain dumb. It’s not liberal, it’s not conservative, its not democratic, its not republican, its not intellectual, its not blue collar worker, its just dumb, dumb, dumb. It is so dumb that you can’t even see how dumb it is.

    • Actually, what is dumb c. grover is someone who believes that a judge should “see” race, ethnicity, religion, etc. when making a decision. The law is the law and everyone is equal under it. A white judge is no greater or lesser than a Hispanic judge but obviously Sotomayor thinks that.

  3. Hey C. Grover~ first of all, SHUTTY! Do you realize how dumb your making yourself sound!?!? None of us are saying it should be white men making the decisions, so I don’t know where you got that from. And when will a certain case be better suited for a Female Hispanic judge like your saying? Shouldn’t the whole system be bi-partisan? I think so, and Sotomayor is turning it the opposite way with her racism towards ANYONE but her own kind!!! Go take a shower C. Grover!!!

  4. “the obvious fact being stated by conservatives”

    Rather, the obvious falsehood being stated by well established racists. The Racepublican Party will never win another election if it keeps up this sort of thing. But you folks just can’t help yourselves, it’s what you are. You know you’re a racist, your buddies know you’re a racist, even a stranger reading your blog knows you’re a racist … YOUR words, as well as your entire outlook, make it clear you’re a racist. OTOH, Sonia Sotomayor has a history of defending the rights of scum like you to have your demented opinions.

    “The left can deny the facts all they want, but they cannot explain away statements that Sotomayor has made like this one”

    Actually, it can, by pointing out that those ellipses mark you as cowardly dishonest scum … but then, as a right winger, that’s necessarily what you are. Right wing scum had to scour Sotomayor’s statements to find something to use against her, passing over everything else in her career that proves that she’s clearly no racist, whereas you folks can’t get two words out of your mouths without revealing yourselves as racists. If you people actually wanted to block Sotomayor and had any brains, you wouldn’t have people like Limbaugh and Tancredo leading the charge.

    I’m sure that your response will be amusing, but I won’t be around to see it … I simply did a google search for the stupidest people on the web and you popped up. Whatever you write only be read by a handful of equally stupid people, like the illiterate cretin Dominic above.

    • I always get tickled when libtards leave their baseless comments here like rwaa. They are the ones who just love to pull out the racist card. Yep, this “white” chic who actually has two different Native American tribes’ blood running through my veins and who happens to also belong to both the female and gay miniorities sure is a racist. And now more comments by the true racist, Ms. Sotomayor, are coming to light. The truth always comes forward.

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