Diplomacy Sure Seems To Be The Answer

President Obama promised throughout his campaign to use diplomacy to deal with America’s enemies.  Whenever the United Nations has used diplomacy and sanctions they have not worked, but this has not deterred the President and he has decided that this type of foreign policy is the approach to use.  So far the policy appears to be working splendidly.  Unless North Korea testing four missiles in the space of a month and half worries anyone.  And unless Iran continuing to work towards a nuclear bomb makes people uncomfortable.

The President of Iran, Ineedajob, has challenged the paper tiger that is our leader to a debate at the United Nations.  In years past, he had issued the same challenge to President Bush and it went ignored.  But President Obama has indicated that he would like to sit down and talk with our enemy in Iran, so his rejection of this challenge would call into question whether he really wanted to go forward with diplomacy via talks.  To save face, the President would have to take up the challenge.  Personally, I hope he does not because the Teleprompter will not be able to plan for every possible scenario or question from the insane mind of Ineedajob.  The President will be revealed as hot air.

Yesterday, North Korea successfully tested a nuclear weapon as powerful as the one that America fired on Hiroshima destroying it during World War II.  The UN Security Council quickly condemned the test.  As always happens when the UN tries such diplomacy as strongly worded condemnations, this one went ignored and North Korea  fired two short-range missiles off its east coast today.  The UN Security Council will begin behind-the-scenes negotiations today to attempt to strengthen sanctions against North Korea.  Sanctions have been used unsuccessfully for years.

The most troubling aspect in all of the activity surrounding Iran and North Korea is the fact that America is utterly powerless to do anything.  And we have put ourselves in this predicament.  We need China to play hard ball with both of these countries because they supply these countries and will not participate in sanctions.  We cannot threaten China to participate because we are just as beholden as the rest of the world to China.  While we have “slumbered”, China has become the new Superpower owning most of the world’s debt and housing most of the world’s businesses.  If China decides to let Iran and North Korea continue to build their nuclear capabilities, there is nothing we can do and we will be entering a new era of fear like nothing we have ever known. 

This does not fall squarely on President Obama’s shoulders.  Throughout the years, each and every one of our leaders since Reagan has allowed this drama to unfold.  President Obama just seems to have accelerated the actions of North Korea and Iran because they have absolutely no fear or respect for him.  And the deficits that this President has now burdened us with will continue to cripple our country.  So diplomacy certainly seems to be the answer since we have no other options.


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