The GOP Should Pay Attention To Libertarians

Lindsey Graham does not speak for the GOP, but his attitude seems to be prevalent in the Republican Party.  And Graham is wrong as wrong can be and the GOP would do well to turn to the Libertarian Party for some ideas on how to save this country.  But Graham is more intent on the one thing that destroys not only parties, but individuals as well and that is the need to win at any cost.  Giving up principles and values should take priority over winning.  The GOP held Senator John McCain up and have had held up other left leaning Republicans because they think that is the way to win.  And Graham is one of those RINOs, so really this tape is no surprise.

Perhaps we should look to other leaders and discover what they have had to say about Libertarianism.  South Carolina’s Governor Mark Sanford has said, “Liberty is the hallmark of the American experiment.  That is the distinguishing characteristic of our Republic, and frankly what’s made it great…I’ve been accused of being a Libertarian and I would say I wear it as a badge of honor because I do love, believe in, and want to support liberty.”

I echo Senator Jim DeMint when he says, “[I] would rather have 30 Republicans who believe in the principles of limited government and free markets and free people than 60 Republicans who have no beliefs at all.”

And Ronald Reagan said it all when he said, “I have been doing my best to try to revitalize the Republican Party groups that I’ve spoken to, on the basis that the time has come to repudiate those in our midst who would blur the Republican image by saying we should be all things to all people in order to triumph…I’ve been urging Republicans to raise a banner and put the things we stand for on that banner and don’t compromise, but don’t try to enlarge the party by being all things to everyone when you can’t keep all the promises.  Put up a banner and then count on the fact that if you’ve got the proper things on that banner the people will rally round.”  And people did rally behind Reagan.  He was a true leader which is what this country has been needing since he left office.  He also said, “If you analyze it, I believe the very heart and soul of conservativism is libertarianism.”

We should want to win because we do not want socialism to have such free reign, but at the cost of the Constitutional principles upon which this country was built is not worth the win.  The RINOs need to step back into the shadows of the GOP unless the Republican Party wants to continue to shrink as those who claim to be “independent” continues to grow.


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