“The View” A Waste For Glenn Beck

Why did Glenn Beck make an appearance on “The View”?  He certainly does not need the exposure from that brainless, waste of air program.  Elizabeth Hasselbeck is the only shining light on the show and I cannot figure out why she bothers to stay other than the pay must be good.  Glenn Beck appeared on the show and as one can see from the video, it was a complete waste of time.  Whoopi spent almost seven whole minutes accusing Glenn of being a liar and carrying on like some high school chick that just found out the most popular kid in school will not take her to prom.  Nobody cares Whoopi – get a clue.  Do they put their Hollywood libtard guests on the hot seat like this and accuse them of lying and demand apologies?  Of course not.  They just rip into the O’Reillys, the Coulters and the Becks with their superiority elitist Hollywood schtick as if that is where most of the country dwells when it comes to ideology.  If it was not that Glenn has principles, than I am sure he would have ripped off his microphone after this first segment and left the show.  Nobody deserves to be treated like this when invited on as a guest. 

You should be ashamed Barbara.  You have chosen co-hosts over the years that have denigrated the show and your judgement has been clouded by the same moonbattery that has left Hollywood insignificant in the eyes of real Americans.

Glenn’s response:


9 responses to ““The View” A Waste For Glenn Beck

  1. Here’s been my response to all the gleeful libs that don’t do any fact checking before posting:

    Uh, sorry you lose. The liars are Goldberg and Walters. TRY READING THE TRANSCRIPT AND REVIEWING THE TAPE. Beck never said ANYTHING about WALTERS COMING OVER TO HIM.

    The TIVO doesn’t lie. Only Walters and Whoopi do. Fact check? Maybe Walters ought to do some freaking fact checking.

    You can start at the transcript if you’d like:


  2. I watched the clip and for once I can say those women did nothing wrong!

    Glenn Beck went on the show knowing he had made up a tall tale… so what did he expect?? The women are the view are as liberal as they get and a LYING CONSERVATIVE was going to get NO mercy.

    He lied. Got caught in a lie and looked like a fool. Anyway… who is Glenn Beck?? He is no better than the ladies on the view. You make it seem like he is some higher commentator… Being a conservative on Fox does not make him special.. although being conservative and going on “the view” makes him obviously a strong man. 🙂

    He got what he deserved. He should have been “shredded” even more. HE LIED!!

    • Lawyermommy – check the link in the other comment…oops Goldberg and Whoopi were lying and the video backs it up. And Whoopi called him a “lying sack of dog mess” – now there is some real class for you.

  3. mommy- Watch the clip and CAREFULLY listen to Beck and what Walters accuses him of. Don’t let you Liberal Blue glasses color the truth.

    The tape doesn’t lie, but Walters and Whoopi do. You can tell me Beck lied, but sorry you lose.

  4. ” Elizabeth Hasselbeck is the only shining light on the show”

    Thanks for the laughable conservative quote for the day!!!! LMAO

    • Your welcome ediva – almost as hilarious as three caddy women denigrating a guest, lying about him and picking a fight over what equates to some grade school squabble.

  5. I’m sure glad that you made those comments dsgawrsh, if I did it I would be labeled a sexist… again.

  6. Oh, if you actually TIVO’d the whole thing you’ll see Joy almost immediately asking Beck “Do you really cry or do you have to pull a hair out of your nose to get yourself to do that?” (Obviously, making fun of him for crying) Then in the 2nd segment Walters asks him about crying and Beck says your making fun of me. Walters has a hissy fit and says oh no I never made fun of you about crying while Joy is squirming in her seat and piling on Beck with Barbara. So one minute Joy is laughing at him about crying and making fun of him for it, but 8 minutes later she’s indignant because Beck thinks he’s being made fun of.

    What a couple of asshats.

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