The President Thinks He Will Bring Peace To The Middle East

President Barack Obama is clinging to the same goal that every other president before him up to and including Jimmy Carter has and that is bringing peace to the Middle East.  Obviously, none of these men have been avid readers of the Bible or they have chosen to dismiss centuries of history that affirm contention in that area of the world.  The battle between the Palestinians and Israel is not one over land.  It is a spiritual battle dating back to Isaac and Ishmael when God Himself declared that the Arabs and Jews would not get along.  This is why there is so much hatred between the Muslims and the Jews.  Land is offered in a mistaken attempt to bring peace and it has never worked.

And yet, the President thinks that he should back a two-state solution.  He went into meetings yesterday with Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin(Bibi) Netanyahu with that being his only goal while Bibi came to the meeting with no offer of peace or a state until the Palestinians were ready to admit that Israel has a right to land in the Middle East and a right to exist; something the Palestinians have refused to admit.  Every time the Palestinians are given land and Israel pulls their people from the area, the Palestinians return to lobbing missiles into Israel.

And only a fool would believe that giving Palestinians a stronghold next to Israel would not lead to terrorists making attempts to destroy Israel and run it into the sea.  Hamas already leads Gaza.  Iran is already backing the terrorists in Gaza.

Speaking of Iran, it was another hot topic for the two leaders at their meeting.  The President wants to give Iran six more months to stop their nuclear ambitions while Bibi would like to finish off Iran’s nuclear installments for good.  And the President of Iran will most likely win his next election so the world will have to continue working with the little Dictator.  I trust Israel to take care of a situation our President is unwilling to deal with and that Iran will not be allowed to go fully nuclear.

For the most part, this meeting seems to have been a waste of time even though it stretched on far past the time allotted.  God gave Israel the land that they now live in and the Promised Land that incorporated even broader boundaries and America must not take part in the splitting of the land.  On both a political and spiritual level, we must fully support Israel.  Only 31% of Israelis believe that Obama is pro-Israel and I have to agree with them.


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