Epic Battle For Republican Soul Heats Up In Florida

Florida is going to become the center of an epic battle and it will not be between the Democrat and Republican Parties, but within the Republican Party.  Conservatives are on the move to take back the Republican Party, but moderates within the Party want to move more to the left because they still believe that is the way to win despite loss after loss.  I personally have been considering registering as a Libertarian and if the GOP continues to embrace Progressivism, I will do just that.

The battle that is brewing is for the Senate seat that RINO Mel Martinez is vacating in 2010.  Former Speaker of the Florida House, Marco Rubio, threw his hat into the ring a couple of weeks before Governor Charlie Crist announced this week that he intends to run for the Senate seat.  Marco Rubio is a true conservative and I have already thrown my support behind him and intend to help his campaign in any way I can.  He served as Speaker of the Florida House in both 2007 and 2008.  Before that, he served as City Commissioner for Miami – a post he served in since 2000.  He toured Florida asking the people of Florida for their ideas on how to improve Florida’s future.  The result was a book he wrote titled, “100 Innovative Ideas for Florida’s Future”, and it guided him in sponsoring several measures that were from the book.  He also worked on Governor Mike Huckabee’s campaign for president and he has been endorsed by former Governor Jeb Bush.

Governor Charlie Crist on the other hand is an embarrassment to conservatives.  He is a RINO.  I remember writing a post here about how President Obama made a useful idiot out of Gov. Crist when Obama traveled down here for a townhall to push his Porkulus Bill.  Gov. Crist completely supported the pork-laden bill.  He has two failed bar exams in his past as well as a Senate run in 1998 in which Bob Graham trounced him.  And I hope for another huge loss for Crist again.

This really is about the future of the GOP.  If the national GOP backs Crist, then we know that they intend to follow the same loser path as before.  We will know that name recognition means more than principle.  Marco Rubio can win the seat – I have no doubt.  America’s heart is coming back to the conservative principles this country was built upon.  This is a race that the national conservative movement needs to get behind.

There is a possible issue that could develop here which would be a travesty.  Senator Mel Martinez could step down before his term is finished and Gov. Crist could appoint himself to the seat and then run as an incumbant in the 2010 race giving him even more of an edge.  This would be another development that would further turn me from the GOP.

You can support Marco Rubio here.


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