The Patrick Henry Caucus

Anything that has “Patrick Henry” in the title has me on board!  I watched State Rep. Carl Wimmer from Utah on Glenn Beck’s show last week and he was detailing  this new causcus he had started which focuses on state’s right: something defined by the Tenth Amendment.  Wimmer has started the fight in Utah, but plans to take the fight to other states.  One of the actions the caucus is taking is to cut the government’s use of the Interstate Commerce Act.  The government has been using this law to try to take away Second Amendment rights and other rights.  In using it, the government is trying to increase control over guns and ammunition.  Presently, states like Montana have been affirming that the law does not apply to states when they manufacturer their own guns and ammunition.

Rep. Wimmer is in the process of creating legislation in which the government cannot find loopholes.  Glenn Beck has coined the efforts of Wimmer and states like Montana as the “Civilist War”.  A war in which we do not have to use guns to regain our liberty, but the rule of law.  The reasserting of the sovereignty of states and individuals is under way!

You can find Rep. Carl Wimmer here and let him know you support his efforts!

UPDATE:  There is now a website up for the Patrick Henry Caucus:


14 responses to “The Patrick Henry Caucus

  1. I appreciate the PatrickHeneryCaucus idea and all that it signifies.
    I do have concerns over the ability or lack of ability to regain our true Constitutional liberties using the rule of law. I find it difficult to understand how using the rule of law will accomplish the goal when those we struggle against operate outside of that law and refuse to recognize it, even though it is the law of the land.
    – Autocat

  2. Funny how Patrick Henry basically said it was time to go to war, blood conflict, as in it’s time to kill our enemies. Mention this to the average ‘conservative’ or ‘libertarian’ and you’ll get ignored, called a nut, whatever.

    Blood conflict is the only thing that will fix the national govt. now. It’s too far gone and their arrogance will only be limited by those who are willing to do what is required. In short if this country can be saved it will take many expensive suits hanging along Pennsylvania Ave.

    Don’t understand? Start here:

    Think globally, fight locally. Aim small, miss small. One shot, one dead “Liberal”(communist/fascist).

  3. Louise Rashleigh

    Godspeed to this caucus. Our country is losing so much so quickly. We are alarmed.

  4. Friday May 15,2009 watched Glen Beck Great show I hope Florida jumps on board with you . A little food for thought. ( You can’t fix stupid but you can vote them out)

  5. If you know any legislature reps in North Carolina, please contact them. We need to adopt this in North Carolina. The legislature has had a bill on gun rights sitting on a table for 4 years and have not taken action. Help!!!

  6. We need this in California. I know it sounds impossible but if we do not try we will surely fail.

  7. Paul & Carolyn Cavolt

    We applaud the Patrich Henry Caucus and that which you strive to accomplish! Individuals like yourself, Glenn Beck and his numerous guest can make it happen. Most of our elected officials are so sheltered and involved in their own agendas they are not interested in what we want or need but what they want and getting reelected! There are too many of us that DO NOT get involved and don’t even take the time to vote that our country is being taken away from us!

    Again thank you for what you are doing to reclaim America for Americans!

    Paul & Carolyn Cavolt

  8. Saw Rep Wimmer on Beck today. I visited another web site who was supportive of the 9/12 Project. After studying a bit, I found this organization had a lot of seemingly radical groups in LA Area. Made me uncomfortable.

    We’re looking to Southern Utah should they abolish prop 13. Can’t afford $4K taxes on little two-by-twice lot.

    Patrick Henry Caucus looks like best thing yet. I’m one of osama’s bitter, faithful, gun totin’ antipathy folks. I’m proud to be one.

  9. Thanks much for your efforts. I appreciate!!!!!!!

  10. I appreciate all of your efforts Thanks!!!!!

  11. i agree with everything that was said on the Glen Beck show. I’m a WW2 veteran, 84, and I’ll be danged if I’m just gonna sit around and let those liberal idiots take away what we fought so hard for, back then, to maintain our rights and freedoms under our constitution. I’m an American, always have been and always will be, so help me God!

    • You rock Rudy! Thank you for your service and know that this generation of mine will keep up the good fight!

  12. All this support is wonderful! I’m proud to be a Montanan, where we have already passed the first bill to remind the feds of their limits and our sovereignty (sp?). It’s fast-tracking to the Supreme Court and we expect it will pass the acid test.

    While all these nodding heads are great, there’s so much more you can do! I personally am writing articles TONIGHT and through this next week to post on (look for them in a few days. want them to be well researched!) I’ll also be writing articles and letters to the editors of our local papers.


    don’t be satisfied with just cheering others on. Get active in whatever way you can. Tell your friends and neighbors. Write to your newspapers. Blog and vlog. Anything and everything you can do to get word out. There aren’t a whole lot of people I’ve heard yet that disagree. maybe I’m not looking where they’re posting, and that’s fine. I’m trying to find those who will raise their banners with us and get this mess straightened out.

    Time to stop cheering and get to work!

  13. Heard a lot of good stuff about you guys and have Beck on my DVR. I could write a book about California (native) and what’s wrong with it and then an America sequel but in a nut shell, please donate to the Billboard group. I’m 70 and words cannot express the anxiety I feel about this country: everything you can name!

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