General David McKiernan Given The Boot

Apparently, being hamstrung by the Obama administration in an attempt to win a war means you need to resign.  Defense Secretary Robert Gates has asked for the resignation of the commander in Afghanistan, General David McKiernan.   The White House and Pentagon are seeking fresh ideas for Afghanistan which do not include Gen. McKiernan.  Gen. McKiernan gave President Obama a good idea when he requested more troops and money for the Afghan War, but he only received two-thirds of what he needed.  And now Gen. McKiernan is out.

Lieutenant General Stanley McChrystal will replace Gen. McKiernan as commander of NATO Forces.  The Pentagon Press Briefing stated, “This is the right time to make the change, at a time when we are at the beginning of the implementation of a new strategy. The focus here is simply on getting fresh thinking, fresh eyes on the problem, and in how we implement the strategy and the mission going forward.”  Fresh thinking will bring no answers in this complicated battle in Afghanistan, especially now that Pakistan has blown up.  The reason this has happened is not a failure on our military’s part or on Gen. McKiernan’s part either.  This is the result of a government that has pandered to Pakistan and allowed Pakistan to cater to terrorists.  The Taliban is gaining power because they have been allowed to gain that power.  And our President is all too willing to cater to terrorists as well. 

This is the “new” thinking that the Obama adminstration is bringing to the table.  Be nice to your enemies and pander to them.  Bend over and grab your ankles and they will do whatever we ask of them.  Use diplomatic means to attain a win.  All of these moves lead to one outcome: failure.  Prepare to witness the takeover of Pakistan and a failure in Afghanistan.  Iraq violence has steadily grown as well which is an indication that Obama’s methods are not and will not work.  The terrorists do not fear us.

God have mercy on us and protect this country because our government is not about to that for us.


2 responses to “General David McKiernan Given The Boot

  1. The current administration has put us in terrible danger. I do NOT believe it’s from inexperience but willfully and purposefully done.

    We need Israel to bomb the hell out of Iran’s nuke systems and we need to completely remove our present administration, have all the new laws annulled, and resurrect General’s Eisenhower, Patton, McArthur (by that I mean find their equivalents among our military leaders today).

    And while all that is going on, we need to get out the A-bomb (or something comparable) and start using it the way we did after Japan bombed Pearl Harbor.
    History taught us that little bomb was very effective.

    The darkest days in America’s history on on our very heels. WAKE UP AMERICA!!!! We are in danger and OUR own President has put us there!

    • Sherry, tonight on my show I played a soundbite of Obama saying he wanted to set up Opportunity Zones in Pakistan – like giving the men there something to do will keep them from becoming terrorists. He’s going to community organize in Pakistan. That should keep the nukes safe.

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