Does Anyone Still Believe President Obama Is A Christian?

From the time that President Barack Obama started his campaign for the presidency, I have maintained that he was not a Christian.  This is not because I think that a president has to be a Christian, although that is my preference, but because he claimed that he was a Christian.  His twenty years of sitting in a pew at Jeremiah Wright’s Marxist Black Liberation Church was proof enough for me.  Now that President Obama has been in office for several months, there have been several other indicators.  Again, this is an issue to me because he has maintained that he is a Christian.

To be perfectly honest, I believe there is a darkness in the soul of our leader.  Call it Christian intuition.  Progressive ideals that lead to Marxist, Facist and Communist governments are unbiblical.  I have argued many times with people that socialistic principles are not found in the Bible, although liberals believe that because they distort charity with wealth redistribution.  Our President not only supports Marxist ideas, he has pushed them on this country with remarkable speed.  That has always been the number one indicator that he is not Christian.  But the examples have continued to reveal themselves:

1.  Obama proclaimed to the world on Apology Tour I that America is not a Christian nation.  Although we have no state-sanctioned religion in America and we have the freedom to believe whatever we want, there is no doubt that this country was built on Judeo-Christian principles.  And more specifically, a Christian would never make that claim which I equate to denying Christ.

2.  Obama not only supports every form of abortion including partial birth, he did nothing inIllinois to protect babies that were born alive after botched abortions which is an endorsement of infanticide.  Not only do I find it hard to believe that a Christian could support any kind of abortion, infanticide is no doubt murder.

3.  Obama gave an oration at Georgetown University and requested that all religious symbols be removed or covered and one of those symbols was the name of Jesus Christ – another denial of Christ.

4.  Anytime the President needs someone to pray officially in public, he chooses Megachurch leaders who most true believers refer to as false teachers because they teach unBiblical principles.

5.  Today is the National Day of Prayer.  This is not something that is only recognized by Christians, but by all faiths and is something that President Bush marked with interfaith services.  Why would President Obama choose to issue a written proclamation rather than conduct a ceremony which has become tradition?  I would personally love to have a President who would pray for the Nation publically.  White House Spokesmoron Robert Gibbs was asked about Obama and prayer and had this to say, “Prayer is something that the president does everyday.  I think the president understands, in his own life and in his family’s life, the role that prayer plays.”  What kind of an answer is that?  He “thinks” the President understands how important prayer is in life.  Obviously, he has never seen the President pray.  President Harry Truman first established the day as a national event in 1952. Reagan signed a resolution in 1988 to observe the National Day of Prayer each year on the first Thursday in May, and each president since has recognized this day with a proclamation.  Presidents Reagan and George H.W. Bush also marked the day with White House observances.

The list will continue to go on and I invite commenters to add their own examples.  I will observe today by praying for my country and my President, although that has been getting harder to do because I do not believe this man cares what God would have him do.


One response to “Does Anyone Still Believe President Obama Is A Christian?

  1. Our Choices

    If you had a choice, right now, to choose to be with Christ Jesus in heaven would you choose to do so? Being human and having the power of choice, can we choose to ask God to grant us a wish? You see, there are three realms, earth, heaven, and hell. We live on the earth in the now, and we believe, as Christians, that at some point Christ will return to the earth and judge us in the final days. Many of us will go to hell and the rest will live in heaven with Christ Jesus, our heavenly Father, and the Holy Spirit.

    Christ said: “And all things whatever you ask for in prayer, believing, you shall receive.”
    What if, we asked God to stop this game, that is being played out on earth, and grant us the one wish of living with him in heaven. What if, we choose to not allow Satan any more control over our lives and our future and made the decision to ask God to end this game, right now. What if we, as human beings, with the power of choice; made a conscious decision to choose Christ Jesus, right now, over the day to day challenges and temptations that Satan offers.

    Say, in 2015, 9 billion, or 8 billion or 5 billion people, Jews, Catholics, Baptists, Protestants, Jahovah Witnessers, Lutherians, Episcapalians, Muslims, Buddists, Hindu’s, and every other worshiper, got together on an Easter Sunday and prayed to God, asking him to bring on the end of days. We can asked Jesus Christ to come and bring us home to his kingdom in heaven, so that we can stop playing this earthly game. Would that become a challenge??

    Christ said: “And I say to you, ask, and it shall be given to you; seek, and you shall find; knock and it shall be opened to you. For everyone who asks receives; and he who seeks finds; and to him who knocks it shall be opened.” Billions of people, acting as one, crying out to our heavenly Father, “Take us home.” OH GOD, take us from the land of the Pharaohs!!! Take us from the hands of evil and bring us home to your kingdom!!! Can we ask strong enough?? Can we ask hard enough??

    Christ said: “And in that day you shall ask me nothing. Amen, amen, I say to you, if you ask the Father anything in my name, he will give it to you. Hitherto you have not asked anything in my name. Ask, and you shall receive, that your joy may be full.” Do we want to be filled with eternal joy??

    Can you imagine how we can make this happen?? Can you understand the power that God has given us in order that we may choose our own destiny, right now. We don’t have to wait until tomorrow, while Satan tricks and traps millions more souls into the fires of hell!!! The decision is ours. Can we choose?? Can we make this happen?? Can we start a holy movement around the world and set the date of our going home???

    Christ said: ” I say to you further, that if two of you shall agree on earth about anything at all for which they ask, it shall be done for them by my Father in heaven. For where two or three are gathered together for my sake, there am I in the midst of them.”

    Take the poll! Express your belief! Give a contribution! Donate to this cause! Make it happen! Pass this message on to your friends and family.

    Come, Holy Spirit, fill the hearts of thy faithful and enkindle in them the fire of Thy love.


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