Democrats Want To Protect Pedophiles Now

The Democrats just threw gay people under the proverbial bus again.  Gay people are continuously fighting this idea that we are pedophiles because many times this crime is committed as man on boy.  Some people do not define pedophilia as its own orientation – a very sick orientation and one that I believe should be punished with life in prison because they cannot be rehabilitated.  When the Democrats would not allow an amendment to be included on to hate crimes legislation that would exclude pedophiles from that protection, it was like the Democrats were saying that gay people are pedophiles.  Otherwise, what is the issue with adding the amendment?

The bill is called “The Local Law Enforcement Hate Crimes Prevention Act”.  This bill puts 547 different forms of sexual deviancies on the same level as race, religion, ethnicity, gender, orientation and disability.  Alcee Hastings, a Democrat from Florida ( much to my chagrin), read off a partial list of these “isms” and “philias”.  Republican Louie Gohmert from Texas decided that the bill needed an amendment to make sure that pedophilia would not be protected under this new bill.  The amendment was handily defeated by the Democrats.  Thus, the Democrats have equated homosexuality and pedophilia.  And this piece of crap bill also equates homosexuality with necrophilia and other deviant behavior.

Now I understand that there are those on the far religious right that think homosexuality is deviant anyway and so you could care less what I believe.  I do not support hat crimes legislation.  I believe any abuse or murder is a hate crime.  There does not need to be special protection for this.  All crimes of this nature should have the same punishment – very harsh sentences.  So I believe S909 should be derailed, period.  But especially because of the reasons cited above.  And I would just personally like to thank the Democrats for once again blind siding the gay people who follow along behind you blindly and lumping us all in with very sick and twisted individuals.

Gay people – WAKE UP!!!


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