Gay Conservativism On The Freedom’s Wings Show Tonight

Tonight I will be joined by a special guest on my radio show: Jimmy LaSalvia who is Executive Director of GOProud which you can find at  GOProud advocates for federal public policy initiatives consistent with its mission which is representing gay conservatives and their supporters in Washington D.C.  They support policies that promote the power of individuals, limit government’s reach, enable economic growth through free market principles, and strengthen America’s position in the world, all core conservative values.  They also support candidates for federal office who share GOProud’s priorities.

Jimmy is a longtime Republican activist who has held volunteer and professional staff positions in Republican campaigns and party organizations in South Dakota and Kentucky, including serving on the campaign staff of former South Dakota Governor Walter D. Miller. He has also previously worked as a development officer for Kentucky Opera and as a real estate broker in Louisville, Kentucky. In 2006 he joined the national staff of Log Cabin Republicans, first as Grassroots Outreach Director then as Director of Programs and Policy. He helped to build the organization across the country and lobbied to pass pro-gay legislation in state capitols and in Washington.

We’ll discuss Jimmy’s political career, his personal experiences, GOProud and gay conservativism in general.  I’ll also be taking callers.  Join us tonight at 6pm ET for a great discussion!


One response to “Gay Conservativism On The Freedom’s Wings Show Tonight

  1. Great show last night Diane. I tried to get through with a call, but I had to leave early. 🙂

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