The Recent Trend Of Murder-Suicides

Our country has a problem that is even more serious than our march into socialism, but I believe that it is related.  This recent trend across the country of murder-suicides is the result of this problem.  The progressives on the left will cry out that guns are the problem, but that is just more rhetoric rather than an examination of the core issue.  The proof is the fact that guns are not always the means by which murder-suicides are committed.  There was the story of the man who beat and suffocated his family and slit his wrists in a hotel last week that proves that point.  Guns are usually the weapon of choice, but removing guns from a society will not stop the problem.

The problem has multiple layers that have built up over time.  We heard about murder-suicides in the past, but not at this alarming rate.  Even the argument that there is just more media coverage in our present age does not explain the trend.  This is a core human issue and also a societal issue.  Human life has been cheapened in our world.  In America the most innocent human beings, the unborn, are referred to as “fetuses” and “tissue” and abortion-on-demand is readily available.  The aquisition of “things” and prestige is more important than relationships.  When one loses those measures of success, their life seems to be at an end.  Despite the throngs that have referred to Obama as our champion of hope, many Americans are obviously without hope.  America is a country where “success” has come easily in recent years because nobody is allowed to fail and lose.  The coping mechanism for how to deal with loss and move on is undeveloped.

This country has pushed God out of the public square and it appears that many people have pushed Him out of their lives as well.  This has created a hole not only within our society, but also within individuals.  There is no hope for someone who has put all their reliance upon themselves.  When failure comes, the only option seems to be to end it all.  But there is a selfishness there as well which leads these suicidal people to take the lives of their families as well or in some cases, random people around them.  We have become a society where the individual matters most and society’s definition of success is the one championed.

We are becoming a selfish, Godless people and that is why Totalitarian ideals have been so widely embraced.  The murder-suicide trend is just an outgrowth of that movement.  Communist and fascist regimes throughout history have slaughtered millions of people in the name of bringing an utopian society.  How can murder ever be a part of the equation in an utopia?  That is the belief of the progressives, though; who years ago promoted eugenics.

And this is where American society is heading and it is reflected in this recent trend of almost daily reportings across the country of multiple murders usually followed with the suicide of the perpetrater.  We must come together as a country once more and re-dedicate ourselves and this great country to the Creator and fight for the God-given freedom we have to both succeed and fail.  And this is the core value in conservativism.


One response to “The Recent Trend Of Murder-Suicides

  1. Great post on a sad problem that will not being going away anytime soon. I think you are right on the mark dismissing those who want to place the blame on guns–the issue is much more complex.

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