GOP “Leaders” Throw Sand In Sarah Palin’s Face

As I wrote in an earlier blog, the GOP just does not get it and they seem to think that eating their own is a good idea.  Mitt Romney insulted Sarah Palin in an interview on CNN’s State of the Union program on Sunday.  There is a full article on that here.  He was asked about Time Magazine referring to Sarah Palin as one of the most influential people in America and he asked if it was actually the most beautiful people that Time was referencing.  What an idiotic move!  We already had the left defining Palin as just a pretty face with no brain and now the supposed leadership in the GOP is doing the same thing.

But wait there is more from this GOP gang that is trying to promote themselves as a grassroots movement moving the GOP forward.  Eric Cantor and Mitt Romney blamed the 2008 loss on the economic crisis and not on anything the GOP had done.  CNN has a story and video on that here.  Mitt Romney commented to John King, “I frankly believe that much of what happened in the last election revolved around the fact that the economy fell apart at the time we were, if you will, holding the hot potato. Republicans and Democrats have been playing this game, passing the hot the potato, spending money like there was no tomorrow.”

Well, if these men (notice that no women are a part of this new campaign and includes only white men) would take two seconds to pay attention to the actual grassroots, they might get a clue what the GOP needs to change in order to be successful in the future.  I voted Republican because Sarah Palin was on the ticket.  Otherwise, the GOP would not have received my vote and I am in the majority when it comes to conservatives.

Listen up boys – we plan on firing you all, so stop wasting your time traversing the country!


2 responses to “GOP “Leaders” Throw Sand In Sarah Palin’s Face

  1. Romney is a gentleman with a lot of character and class- particularly when compared to what we’re stuck with no. He said nothing offensive whatsoever, and IMO it is ridiculous to see some sort of wrong. So move-along people… there’s nothing going on here, only more manipulation from the left. The current abhorrent situation in Washington calls for GOP party unity, not playing into Obama’s hands by starting the battles of the Republican primary two years early.

    Team Obama and the DNC have been employing despicable Alinsky-esque divide-and-conquer/character assassination techniques for months now… stoking fake “fights” like Rush vs. Steele, plus ceaseless ridicule of Jindal, Palin, even shameful distortion of the legacy of Ronald Reagan. Clearly, the strategy is to eliminate GOP rallying points and philosophical framework for 2010/12.

    What’s been done to Palin and her family by the MSM is beyond-the-pale. But the left is so self-righteous, ala USSR, that they feel any means justify the ends… even editing her interviews disingenuously, digging through her closet, or and attacking her children in the national media. If she’s so silly and irrelevant, why the obsession?

    Gov. Sarah Palin has been highly successful in life while completely ignoring the left-wing feminist model… this helps to explain the extra dose of venom in the attacks. She turns their fantasy world on it’s head, and with a smile.

    Dems are plenty afraid of Palin coming-back at them in 2012 with a dynamic and complementary VP like Bobby Jindal… or visa versa. And they have plenty of reason to fear her-

    Palin is the most popular governor in the country; her 60+% approval rating exceeds that of the MSM-pumped Obama… are all those people up there idiots?

    Alaska was a pretty corrupt system until she stepped in. Her reforms took on entrenched politicians (inc. Republicans), a mafioso-style union boss, and Big Oil.

    Wouldn’t it have been nice if Obama had been principled and brave enough to confront the corrupt Chicago Democratic Machine?

    Shady political operators like Tony Rezko?

    Racist preachers?

    Instead of doing business with every last one of them?

    Go get em, Sarah- and don’t mind the press, nobody will be listening to them anymore after the pending Obamamania implosion.

  2. I like that last line.

    Yes, we DO need to replace all those “good ‘ol boys”. Time to CLEAN HOUSE America! There’s a lot of corrupt leaders in the local and state govt’s too. A lot of weak-kneed nellies that need to be retired.

    I am so glad I’m a registered Independent!

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