Michelle Obama Is Just Like Us

Michelle shoes

Michelle Obama is not an elitist.  She is just like the rest of us.  The First Lady was volunteering for the poor at a D.C. food bank doing her good deed for the month.  I wonder if this was on one of the mandatory volunteer programs?  Anyway, Michelle Obama showed up sporting a pair of $540 tennis shoes.  Not only are they hideous, but who in their right mind spends $540 on a pair of tennis shoes.  If she clicks her heels do you think she gets to go “home”?

The sneakers are made of suede, with grosgrain ribbon laces and metallic pink toe caps and are made by French design house Lanvin, one of fashion’s hottest labels. They come in denim and satin versions and have been selling like crazy.  At least in elitist circles where taste obviously does not matter.

“They’re shoes,” the First Lady’s reps answered when asked about the tennis shoes.  So now the First Lady has the accessories any successful elitist needs: two cute kids she doesn’t have to raise, a cute designer puppy to walk on photo ops, a powerful husband for arm candy and $540 tennis shoes.  She really is the epitome of grace.


4 responses to “Michelle Obama Is Just Like Us

  1. Give us a break….if you had the money to buy them, you would too. If not those specific tennis shoes, it would be something ridiculous.

    It’s our culture

  2. Arm candy… ROARS LAUGHING!

  3. Theres the shoes Diane!!! I want a copy of that! LOL!

  4. Hey, musicdevine
    The point is, she is acting like she is down there with the middle class and poor people but she shows up with a $500 pair of tennis shoes. Didn’t the Obama camp shout out against this exact kind of stuff during the election, I think they did. But that was probably just something else to get votes 😉

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