Good Riddance Arlen Sphincter

Senator Arlen Specter announced today that he is switching parties from Republican to Democrat particularly for his run for re-election in 2010.  This came as no surprise to conservatives who already considered Senator Arlen Specter to be a Democrat anyway.  What was surprising was Sphincter’s referral to himself as a moderate Republican who felt pushed out of the party by its move to the right.  As a conservative, I actually believe that the Republican party may have moved further to the right, but that only puts it in the middle from the left lean it had taken.  That means that Sphincter was and is actually a liberal.

The truth behind this move is that Sen. Sphincter knew he could not win in the primary in 2010.  The Republicans who have voted him in far too many times have finally reached their limit.  This certainly is a gift for Obama to mark his 100th day.  Now he has a philibuster-proof Senate even without Al Frankenstein.  Sphincter claimed that he is not a guaranteed vote for the Democrats, but I really doubt that. 

This truly shines light on a man who is without principles and values.  He’ll fit right in with the liberal Democrats.


19 responses to “Good Riddance Arlen Sphincter

  1. Holy crap. You are actually that delusional? You believe that the Republican party was voted out of power, overwhelmingly, because they’d gone too far to the center?

    You really believe that?

    OK, let’s be clear. Arlen Specter is now, and has always been, a moderate. So, the fact that your party has been taken over by a radical far-right intolerant religious agenda that drives out the moderates doesn’t scare you?

    The fact that you’ve been voted out in droves, that you now belong to, not merely the minority party, but the batshit-insane party, doesn’t tell you that perhaps you’re going down a dangerous path? That maybe, if the American people are starting to see what a dangerous group of lunatics you are and they no longer want you in power, perhaps it’s time to reassess your primary stands on the issues?

    Hey, you just enjoy your new neighborhood. Might want to throw a block party. The American Communist Party and the John Birch Society are both a little lonely these days. I’m sure they’ll be happy to hear from you.

    • Nameless Cynic – I’m delusional?! Why do you think the Republican party is in the scope of the tea partiers? Because they have left Constitutional principles and values – something that is conservative. There is little difference between the two parties anymore other than Democrats have moved further along into socialism. They actually would be more comfortable with the Communist Party. And I’m not a die hard Republican – I critique them heavily so your insults at the Party don’t bother me.

    • “…batshit-insane…”? You must be referring to those Republicans who sit in trees, sledgehammer missile silo doors, interfere with hunters and fishermen — those damned, crazy Republicans!

      Yeah, that HAS to be it…

  2. None of your business

    Wow, that sure was a mature and clever insult, calling him “Arlen Sphincter.” I wish I was clever enough to think of something as awesome as that.

    • I call it irreverent and proud to be so. That’s what I think of his decision. You’re clever to, None of your business. Chicken!

  3. Well, at least you have that much right.

    Why do you think the Republican party is in the scope of the tea partiers? Because they have left Constitutional principles and values – something that is conservative.

    The lunatics are running the Republican asylum. Unfortunately, they’ve been gradually taking over for decades – ever since Reagan, really. And now, there’s almost nothing left but a hollow shell of rhetoric, tacked on over a thick, creamy center of wide-eyed insanity.

    The Republican Party these days has abandoned conservative values entirely, in favor of allowing the fringe elements to define the fight. And that’s why they’re going down in flames. The people outside Terri Schiavo’s hospital room, the teabaggers and the guy with the rifle walking into the Unitarian church are all different faces of the same crazy.

    And that’s why you should cry over Arlen Specter leaving. The sane voices are realizing that the Republicans are no more conservative than a rabid dog, and perhaps just as dangerous.

    That’s the thing about Democrats. We don’t demand that you blindly follow the same one-note talking points. We can accept other points of view. Arlen may not make a great Democrat, but he’s an intelligent man. And a better conservative than anybody he’s leaving behind.

    You keep right on following the loser party, there, chief. I’ll be over here shaking Arlen’s hand and welcoming him to the party of sanity.

    • You sure are blind about those Democrats. At least try to be intellectually honest. The Tea Partiers (not baggers, thats the moonbat term) are not crazy. We believe in the Constitution and liberty – if you don’t, find another country. I’m a conservative libertarian btw.

    • How is Sphincter a “better conservative than anybody he’s leaving behind”? He’s NOT A CONSERVATIVE, dumb f**k. He voted for the PORKulus package. That automatically disqualifies him from being called a conservative. He’s a LIBERAL.

  4. No, not blind about the Democrats – they’re politicians, just like all the rest. They just have a better grasp of the purpose of government – it isn’t to sell us to the richest conglomerate, like our Republican friends have been doing for the past decade.

    Teabaggers believe in the Constitution and liberty? So why are you protesting taxes now, when your taxes are going down. Oh, unless you make a quarter-mil or more a year. Where have you been for the last eight years?

    As for “find another country,” I spent 21 years in the military, douchebag… oh, sorry, teabag. Two tours in the Middle East (you know, those two multi-trillion dollar wars that Bush never factored into his budget?). What have you done for this country lately?

    • Wow – so polite to a lady. Thanks for calling me a douchebag simply for pointing out that you are intellectually dishonest. But that is the way of liberals. I do thank you for your service and consider what I am doing in the political world as my service to my country. The Army and Marines – for whom almost every member of my family has served – would not take me due to my asthma. It does give me a chuckle that what I have to say means so much to you that you have been back three times – guess this douchebag’s opinion matters to you. 🙂

    • “Sell us to the richest conglomerate”? WTF are you talking about? The Democraps are a pile of crap. They’re anti-gun, anti-family, and pro-socialism. They’re a bunch of anti-American bastards. The GOP lost in 2006 because of the failure in Iraq, and they lost in 2008 because of the bad economy. There wasn’t a shift in the ideology of Americans. In fact, polls show that Americans are more conservative on most issues, including abortion.

  5. Oh, I’m sorry. I should be more polite to you because you’re a woman than I would be if you were a man? That doesn’t seem reasonable at all. Why should I do that?

    And please advise where you feel I’m being intellectually dishonest. You make a puerile joke about the man’s name, and follow it up with the fascinatingly naive statement that he’s going to be a guaranteed vote for the Democrats. Well, he hasn’t been so far, why should that change?

    As to whether your statements are particularly important to me, not really. I like a good argument, if nothing else. Plus, if you’re going to sit there and openly lie to the world at large, why should you expect not to be called on it?

    • Openly lie – Ha ha ha ha , you are one funny guy! Figures, a liberal has no more respect for a woman than a man. Where I come from, women are treated with respect.

  6. OK, so I’m trying to figure out your opening salvo “openly lie” and all I’m coming up with is that you have a third-grader’s debating style. But hey, feel free to go with “I’m right, you’re wrong! Nyaa!”

    But I’ll give you that next point. You are absolutely correct. I have no more respect for a man than a woman. If you’re wrong, the fact that your genitalia poke out or suck in doesn’t have a damned thing to do with your argument. You’re judged on the argument itself, not your genital occlusion.

    “Where I come from, women are treated with respect” – so you’re saying that a woman has an automatic advantage in an argument, because you aren’t allowed to point out how galactically stupid they’re being? So, as a woman, you’re a sexist because it gives you a step up? So you’re a hypocrite and completely wrong?

    Well, I guess it’s good to know where we stand here, isn’t it?

    • You’re an idiot, for the reasons which I’ve mentioned. Anyone who thinks that the GOP has moved “far to the right” in recent years is a moron. The reckless spending under Bush is proof positive that the GOP has become quite liberal. Now it finally seems that they’re righting the ship, and that piece of crap Sphincter can leave. RINO’s have no business in the GOP anyway. Collins and Snowe can leave too. The GOP will come back to power by supporting conservative values, not by becoming the “Democrat Lite” party.

  7. NamelessCynic, you make no sense. You say that the Republican Party has abandoned conservative values, yet you also say that they have moved to the right. That’s a contradiction. BTW, the GOP did become too liberal over the years. Spending went up during Bush’s presidency, dumb fuck. Furthermore, the Tea Partiers, unlike you, are smart enough to know that eventually taxes will go up for everyone to make up for the HUGE DEBT caused by Obama’s stupid PORKulus package, which that idiot Sphincter voted for. Arlen Sphincter is a LIBERAL, not a moderate. Moderates would not support such reckless spending, and Sphincter also supports partial birth abortion, which makes him a piece of shit.

    • Vince, don’t bother with Nameless Cynic. He’s one of those troll moonbats who snickers as he lays his comments down and then runs back to his blog to report on his adventures in the blogosphere and how very clever he is. He doesn’t realize that nobody cares.

  8. Arlen Spector is a career politician with connections to the Freemasons. This guy doesn’t work for Pennsylvanians nor any party. He works for himself and some folks over in Brussels.

    The only change in him was a near brush with death with his health that made him a little reticent of his past affiliations.

  9. Yesterday I hear Arlen wrote a book…. I bet he sells a dozen copies.. maybe more.

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