President Obama’s First 100 Days

Since the Presidency of Franklin D. Roosevelt, the benchmark of “first 100 days” has been used to measure the early success of presidents. President Obama will reach that measuring point this week and has planned a press conference to mark the day. He will, of course, read all of his “successful” moves off of the Teleprompter trying to convince the American people that no president before him has ever accomplished so much and so rapidly. The Teleprompter may be right, although accomplishing much does not necessarily equate success.

President Obama’s early actions include a resolution and promise to close to Gitmo with no plan of where to move the detainees, overturning the Mexico City Policy which leaves Americans funding international abortions, a first interview as President with Arabic TV rather than American and reports that Obama keeps the heat so high in the Oval Office that tropical plants would thrive while he tells Americans they cannot keep their heat at 72 degrees. There was the Porkulus Recovery Bill, which so inflamed the silent majority in America that they have taken to the streets in protest against government’s wasteful spending and taxation. This Pork bill rolled in at $770 billion adding more spending atop the previous TARP bailout bill of over $700 billion that Obama voted for as Senator. This Recovery bill was touted as something that would provide immediate jobs and stimulus. Neither of those items has occurred and job losses are racking up steadily with 595,000 in January; 651,000 in February; and 663.000 in March.

Obama has also handled the economic crisis by attacking business. In January he said, “There will be time for them to make profits and there will be time for them to get bonuses. Now is not that time.” He also promised to raise taxes on those making $250,000 and above annually which strikes at the heart of many small businesses. Barack Obama basically fired the CEO of General Motors. Card check was brought to the table to embolden unions and ruin private businesses such as Wal-Mart. All of these actions reveal a President who wants to control business in this country – a Marxist move.

The President has promised to bring universal healthcare to America and has made a $600 billion down payment on that promise – money this country does not have. He signed into law an expanded SCHIP program providing four million more children with healthcare including those from upper middle class families and including “children” into their thirties.  Through all the bailouts the President and his administration have pledged $9.7 trillion of taxpayer money. That is in addition to the $11 trillion current national debt. He signed into law a housing bailout that $75 billion towards foreclosures and $400 billion to Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac without any provisions to make sure the irresponsible would not benefit. The CEO of Freddie Mac killed himself last week under the pressure.

Bank nationalization continues to roll forward as stories come to light that Bank of America was forced by Obama officials to buy Merrill Lynch and other smaller banks were forced to take TARP funds. The administration is now not allowing the banks to pay back those funds and is conducting stress tests meant to keep these banks under governmental control.

The President promised tax cuts which have amounted for some people to a measly increase in their paychecks of $13 a week. He held a Fiscal Responsibility Conference right before signing an earmark laden Omnibus Bill that amounted to $410 billion more in spending. Shortly thereafter, he presented Congress with his $3.6 trillion budget indicating that Obama will spend more than any other president before him…combined. The non-partisan Congressional Budget Office claims that Obama’s budget is unsustainable. Over half of Americans are “very worried” that the rising national debt will hurt their children and grandchildren according to an AP/GfK Poll. The other half is not paying attention. Obama’s claims of cutting $2 trillion and halving the deficit are spread out over ten years, which leaves America with no immediate relief and leaves the problems in the hands of his successor. He informed America last week that his administration had saved $100 million in spending by making cuts in various departments. Most people missed the two times during that briefing when the President said the savings would be used to fund other programs. That means there were no “cuts”,  just shifting around of money.

The President overturned embryonic stem cell research, a completely unproven science.  He has also begun implementation of a mandatory volunteer program.

Most recently, the President has broken down the image and security of America in the world. He went on an Apology Tour I through Europe in which he promised to rid the world of nuclear weapons starting with America. He gave a tepid response to North Korea’s testing of a long-range missile during his tour. He bowed in subservience to the Saudi king and lied about it later. On Apology Tour II through Latin America, he overturned restrictions on Cuba and cozied up to the Castros and warmly greeted Hugo Chavez and accepted an anti-American book from him. He sat through an hour-long anti-American rant from Nicaragua’s Daniel Ortega and gave no response. He has released memos about top-secret interrogation techniques and outlawed those techniques – a direct act of treason. Article 3, Section 3 of the Constitution: “Treason against the United States, shall consist only in levying War against them, or in adhering to their Enemies, giving them Aid and Comfort.” The releasing of those memos gives aid to our enemies. Barack Obama has “told” the world that America wants to go back to its paper tiger image and pre 9/11 thinking.

The President has broken nearly every campaign promise. Thirty lobbyists work for him after he promised to never hire any. Tax cheats have been nominated to his cabinet and several were confirmed. The President has wavered between dire warnings of impending peril to glimmers of hope leaving people unsure of the future and unconfident in his capabilities. His goals of transparency are unattained particularly at which monitors the stimulus. There has been no direct oversight of TARP funds or stimulus funds. The call for oversight came in February when it was revealed that there was none and we are still waiting. The President promises to fight the unproven global warming threat with new alternative energy as he wastes thousands of gallons of fuels for photo ops in different states in front of solar panels and wind turbines. The latter happening on Earth Day. The hypocrisy is blatant. The elitism is blatant. The President seems to be practicing the theory of “do as I say, not as I do.”

The few positive steps the President has made are the handling of the Somali pirate situation, the troop surge for Afghanistan and the boycott of the UN’s Racism Conference.

The road ahead is laden with even more challenges. A new swine flu is threatening America and the President’s initial response of playing golf while he sends out his cronies seems to indicate he has better things to do then worry about pandemics. The Taliban is within 60 miles of nuclear weapons in Pakistan. Illegal immigration continues to be a growing problem and another inflamed situation that could turn America into a boiling pot rather than a melting pot. The liberals will claim that the President has done a lot of good and accomplished much. Liberty-loving, common sense Americans on the other hand are trying to calculate how long it will take to undo the damage, how to stop Barack Obama before America slides completely into socialism and just how many generations will be stuck with the spending bills and debt.


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