GE Shareholder Meeting Leaves CEO Immelt Under Fire

I have had General Electric (GE) in my radar scope for months now.  GE stands to make a ton of money off all this alternative energy like wind turbines and CEO Jeff Immelt has been at the center of a push that included the green jobs and alternative energy elements in the Porkulus Bill.  And conservatives are well aware that NBC and MSNBC are Obama shills.  On Wednesday, the GE shareholders held a meeting here in Florida that Jeff Immelt attended.  Jesse Watters, a Fox News producer, also attended the meeting and asked Jeff Immelt a question about the bias on MSNBC.

The question referenced Janeane Garofalo’s appearance on Countdown with Keith Olberdork and why Olberdork did not question her claim that tea party attendees are redneck racists.  The microphone was cut off, but when one listens to the audio, it is apparent that the crowd was on Watters side and booed Jeff Immelt who claimed that MSNBC has “standards”.  Watters was not the only one bringing Immelt under fire.  At least ten other questions were asked of Immelt about the slant of MSNBC against conservatives and pro-Obama to the extreme.  One other questioner’s microphone was cut off as well.  That woman asked about a reported meeting where Jeff Immelt and NBC/Universal CEO Jeff Zucker supposedly told top CNBC executives to be less critical of President Obama and his policies.

Immelt answered that the CNBC meeting took place, but claims that no one was told what to say along political lines.  Immelt also claimed he takes a “hands off” position in regards to the news channels.

“The crowd was very upset with MSNBC because of its leftward tilt,” one attendee said. “Some former employees said they were embarrassed by it.”

GE just continues to be a champion for Obama and remember, Jeff Immelt is part of Obama’s economic team.  I am not sure who is the puppet and who is the puppetmaster here, but keep your eyes on GE.


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