Kudos To Miss California 2009

UPDATE:  June 10, 2009  Carrie Prejean has now been stripped of her Miss California title for breach of contract because she has not made personal appearances that she was contractually obligated to fulfill.  Where exactly would that be condoned in the Christian world?  You have to be a person of your word Carrie if you want to maintain respect and for me personally, I truly find my initial support of you something that may have been given too quickly.  I do support your right of free speech and your rejection of gay marriage, Carrie,  but as someone who has thrust herself into the spotlight as a Christian representative, you have to live at a different standard.  Here was the statement from the Miss California Organization, “The Miss California USA Organization, in conjunction with the Miss Universe Organization and with the blessing of its owner, Mr. Donald J. Trump, announced today the termination of Carrie Prejean as Miss California USA 2009, citing continued breach of contract issues.”

UPDATE:  May 1st, 2009  My support for Carrie Prejean is waning.  Last night, I watched Ms. Prejean being interviewed by Greta Van Sustren.  Greta asked Miss California her opinion on civil unions.  Several times Ms. Prejean answered that she was not a politician and needed to study the matter more.  Hmm…why was this not her answer at the pageant then?  Greta asked for her opinion – the same thing I have supported her for giving at the pageant.  Now I think she is catering to the group that is using her new found fame to support their fight against gay marriage.  After all, she did say at the pageant that this is America and people could choose what they want.  And even worse, she appears to have turned her back on the cause she had promised herself to: the Special Olympics.  And her promoters are none too happy.  When you turn your back on the disabled for your fame, I take issue with you.

As a Christian conservative gay woman, I feel that I should comment on the controversy that occured at the Miss USA contest.  Despicable gay activist Perez Hilton was a judge on the panel at the event.  Let me be clear that this man does not represent the gay community in whole and most definately does not represent me.  For one, he should never have asked a question about gay marriage at this type of event.  Politics do not belong at a beauty contest.  But even if that was acceptable to me, the reaction of this twit to the answer is atrocious. 

Miss California was asked her opinion about gay marriage and I have to commend her for sticking to her convictions.  And her conviction is that marriage should be between a man and a woman.  She answered in a pleasant way explaining that she did not want to offend anyone.  That was a fair answer.  I applaud her for sticking to her principles.  Perez Hilton handled the situation quite differently.  He blasted Miss California on the internet calling her a dumb b%$#%.  Charming indeed.  What is most laughable to me is that I am sure Hilton is one of those gay men who stays in a relationship for five minutes.  I could be wrong, but I doubt that.

As I have stated before, I believe government should have nothing to do with marriage, period.  It should be something between the couple, their church and their God.  Defining marriage as being between a man and a woman is fine with me.  Marriage has lost its lustre as far as I am concerned anyway since half of them end in divorce.  What I do believe should happen on the legal end of things is contracts for unions for straights and gays.  It should be just as difficult for straight people to be together as it is for gay people.  A couple would enter into a contract that gives all the legal rights and inheritance issues to each other.  That couple could be any two people, so even if an older widowed parent enters into the contract with their single offspring in order to obtain benefits that is fine with me.  I do not even have a problem with polygamy, but when it comes to the contract only one spouse can enter into the contract.  I am a Libertarian in this area and believe live and let live.

I have a right to my opinion and Miss California has a right to hers and should not be thrashed for it or even be marked down in a competition for her answer.  As for Perez Hilton – go crawl under a rock where you belong, Snake.


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  1. God T American

    Thank you Miss California!!!! You dont have to worry this freak of nature will NOT be present with you at the gates of HEAVAN. We are blessed that people like him wont reproduce.

  2. I commend her. She will receive a better crown in heaven for staying true to her beleifs.

  3. “As a Christian conservative gay woman, I feel”….
    Whoa!…Whoa!..Let’s stop right there.
    (I can’t read the rest). This is an oxymoron, to say the least. There is no such thing as a Christian conservative gay woman unless you do not really believe The Bible , your name is “Christian” and you are reading a “politically correct” counterfeit version of a book that has the letters b-i-b-l-e inscribed on the front cover.

    Please do not use the words Christian and gay in the same sentence unless there is repentance involved with the condition or you are speaking in past tense. I am not trying to insult, offend or be mean spirited here but let’s be honest.

    Please do not dilute the standard in which the Creator initiated His plan by which: MAN+WOMAN= MARRIAGE. This will always be the standard. Sad to say, the gay formula will always be a distant second…on this earth. Even the animals on this planet have figured this all out (ouch! but it is true).

    Lastly, I am not too familiar with one conservative (traditionalists) who would not find your essay laughable. (Okay, I finally read it).

    Nice try, though, but let’s raise the bar a little. We can all do better as a nation. And, if we call ourselves Christians, let’s repent daily of our sin and worship an awesome God together. Being a Christian is difficult because it requires self sacrifice, denial of self, loving the unlovable, serving others, giving sacrificially, praying continuously and studying frequently. And this is done only on one day and starts over the next.

    Ms Kuddos, I pray, that you become my sister in Christ and that we can rejoice eternally with our Lord and Saviour together, forever ! I AGAPE YOU !

    • “Nice try, but let’s raise the bar”?! What are you talking about? I dilute nothing. I read several versions of the Bible, none of them more current then the NIV. You don’t even know me and yet are able to surmise that I read a conterfeit Bible and dilute the Word of God? Who are you to judge the heart of man? I guess Jesus Christ since He is my judge…and more importantly my Saviour. My sins are just as covered by His blood as your sins are, or are you perfect? Too bad you want to continue to keep the conservative and Christian tents small. You really are missing out. And thank you for your prayers – I already am your sister in Christ. See you in Heaven. 🙂

      • I saw that same oxymoron, and was going to “leave it be”. Actually, Rich is correct as far as he goes. But I would add, that Christ has ALREADY been your judge, (John 3:18), “Who are you to judge the heart of man? I guess Jesus Christ since He is my judge, and more importantly my Saviour”. The truth is, we all have our issues, but when you openly identify yourself as gay, that would imply that you are a practicing lesbian, I would surmise. In that case, we are REQUIRED to judge that behavior. I know that sounds harsh, but it’s better you learn it now, (Romans 1). In spite of what you have been told, the Bible specificly condemns homosexual behavior. In truth, it is no different for you to be homosexual than it is for me to be an adulterer. However, If I am continuing in that behavior, after having accepted Christ as my Saviour, I am a “double-minded” man, according to James. In short, there is no place in any Bible, (NIV is probably a good one for devotions, but not for in-depth study), that allows a person to be openly, and willingly living in a gay lifestyle. You are indeed correct…your sins ARE covered, but you are NOT entitled to continue in them willingly and still take on the name of Christ. Paul makes that abundantly clear. I know this seems harsh, but it is in the Word, not MY word. God bless you.

      • I am so frustrated when I hear others accusing Christians of “judging” all the time, the deal is that God has a standard and when that standard (HE HAS NOT ME) gets washed up in society and our wayward thinking someone has to call the shots and speak out and say, Hey that is not right, that is not what God says is the way, truth and the life. Sure you may very well be a CHristian and maybe you haven’t surrendered this area of your life to Him, but you can not expect to throw out “I am a CHristian/Lesbian” and not get some slack! Now you have “issue” with Carrie for turning her back to the cause of the special olympics?? WHen you turned your back on the cause of CHrist when you say I am a CHristian and I say “I believe, let and let live” that is not what CHrist beleived, so therefore you live your way in what you feel is right and not what CHrist sees is right. Bottom line is none of us want to be Holy it contradicts our flesh but the Spirit that God deposited into us craves to be Holy so we are at constant war and some days we lose and EVERYONE knows it but that doesn’t mean we are not a CHristian it just means we let the flesh win some, not to minimize it but we struggle to do what is right we don’t blast it like we are proud of it. When you said your a CHristian lesbian it just doesn’t make sense not because we are judging but because of what CHrist says in HIs word. We fight against sin not embrace it. But like I said maybe God is still working in this for you and you have yet to surrender, cause I had plenty of sins I defended until Christ peeled back those layers and He still is working in me. SIster, I have had 5 personal friends that were big time gay that have surrendered it all to Christ and are free in that area. I pray yoiu go deeper and I pray I do too! Please understand it is not our opinion that counts it is HIS.

      • Wow Sherri I guess you really feel strongly since you look like a spammer. I got your message the first time. Well I don’t have a “born again” date because I have always known Christ. I’m glad you found Him. I pray that someday all Christians will realize that we are all sinners in need of the covering of Christ’s blood and stop focusing so much on the speck in everybody else’s eye. Christ’s opinion of me: His grace is sufficient for me just like it was for Paul and He loved me so much that He laid down His life for me.

      • Hi Dsgawrsh, not sure what you mean by me being a spammer?? But I wanted to say that it is awesome that you know God’s word and Love and His sacrifice. Yes He laid down His life for you and all He asks in return is to lay down your sins for Him. DIe to self and live for Christ. Not only am I am bold in declaring what He has done “for me” but also in saying what He has done “in me”. B.C. I use to have premiscuous sex with NO conviction AT ALL, partied like there was no tomorrow, cussed like a sailor, and dressed like Britney SPears, when I got saved it was a very significant moment in time that I will never forget that almost took 9 months to the day to occur (after earnestly seeking the truth of who God is) so I hold my new birth in high regards. When this chick got saved it was the talk of the town. I had a good life by the standards of the world, and there was no reason to trade that old life in, it appeared fun and exciting and it was without knowing any better. But when CHrist entered in by His SPirit I longed to give Him something back. I never imagined that I would or could be any different. WHat I gave Him was my sins and my commitment to follow Him, His ways, honor His truth (not my version of it) in return He keeps changing me and pressing in on me. Yes His grace is sufficient for me but I am not going out and trying to just live on His grace alone! I must do my part and not trample the cross of CHrist by choosing to live my way and yet getting His reward although, I do mess up ALOT! But I wish you well and trust that He who began a good work in you is faithful to finish it.

      • Sorry, when I moderate comments they come up all together, so I did not realize you were commenting to different people. 🙂

    • This is astonishing, you do realize that the purpose of christianity is following christ right? the bible was written after christ by man, passed down by man, and bastardized by man through the ages. Christianity has been exploited pretty heavily to the gain of leaders of churches and etc. perhaps the Bible isn’t entirely as perfect as you thought. Afterall, christ preeched love and forgiveness, selflessness. By declaring you can’t be a follower of christ because you are gay is plain foolish. Perhaps you need to study some more, looks like you missed his point.

    • Rich, where did you get that soapbox from? On sale? Blue light special? It’s quite impressive.

      I commend both Miss Cal and Ms Kuddos for their responses. It’s nice to know there are still reasonable people in this world. I also commend Rich; it takes a lot of gumption to throw that 1st stone…

    • I’ve seen comments saying that you can’t be Christian and gay. Says who? I’m not Christian or gay, but condeming people that don’t think exactly like you, is definately not Christian. Has anybody consulted God about whether you can be gay and Christian at the same time? Don’t tell me what the bible says, because that is just an interpretation. People used to use bible verses to burn witches too. Muslems think everybody HAS to believe like them or die. Is this the “Christianity” you believe in? One more reason to shy away from organized religion.

      • Practicing Muslim

        Hi Gary
        Just to correct you… Islam teaches us to live in harmony with non-muslims, not kill them. Whoever gave you that impression mislead you.

  4. Cincinnatus 83

    Good for you Miss California for standing up for your principles.

  5. Diane…
    As always you are clear, concise, and hit the heart of the issue square on.

    The Perez Hilton type helps no one’s cause. He demeans gay, straight, and everyone else ? 🙂 He no doubt shouts “bigot” for every infraction.

    No surprise there I suppose. Bigots and narrow minded folks are usually the first to holler the same.

    Always a pleasure,
    ~ Foosis

  6. So, I wanted to personally commend Miss California for sticking to her convictions even though (unfortunately) she has been lamblasted by the media for doing so. I’m sad that someone who respectfully states their opinion is treated with such disrespect and accused of being so close-minded.
    Anyhow, like I said, I wanted to personally commend Miss California, but I cannot find the appropriate venue to do so. I suppose I chose this website because the author has set the precedent of respect. Thank you. Thank you! [Since when has disagreeing meant disrespect? So unfortunate. But I digress.]
    Miss California, be proud, and continue to represent God with love and dignity.

  7. Diane… I’ve been writing since I read the post from RT. I did a word count in MS word & I’m over 500 words. I decided it was too long to post here.
    I’m going to try hard to not demean RT with this. But he is flat out wrong. Perhaps he can read and spit chapter and verse but there was little heart in his words. Heart is what the Bible is all about. (I’m also going to keep this as short as possible.)
    I am straight and always have been. Been married coming up on thirty five years. My wife gave birth to our lovely daughter some thirty years ago now. I must say up until the day my daughter was born I felt a lot like RT… no doubt stronger. By the time I was thirty I think I read the Bible three times? maybe four? I could spit out dogma & sounded damned good doing it. Don’t think I learned much of nothing up to that point & don’t think I know much more now but one thing’s for certain. You learn a lot more reading the Bible while watching a loved one grow than you ever could sitting in front of a pulpit listening to someone else’s interpretation of what he/she perceives as right.
    Thoughts go through a parents mind IF they give a damn. A parent wonders what is right to teach the little one as well as what should be left alone to be realized through natural growth. “Knowing” gay was wrong as I self righteously did when I was younger took on a whole new perspective all of a sudden. I could not help but ask myself how I would feel if my daughter turned out to be gay. Would I turn my back on her? Would I think any less of her? If she did turn out gay was a DNA test in order to disprove paternity? 
    Of course not. One of the few things I learned in my life is you love your loved ones no matter what. Once you realize that little bit of knowledge, and it is knowledge to be learned, it is a little easier to understand what is meant by “love thy neighbor as thyself.” Once you learn how tolerant, understanding, and forgiving you can be with your own blood it’s not hard to understand just a wee bit more how Christ can love us all no matter what.
    Where am I leading? (To the end soon hopefully ) I just maybe think we each should not spew forth chapter and verse from the Bible like RT did while criticizing conclusions others have drawn whether it be in lifestyle or any other area. The person spewing may just find he or she is the one committing the perversion. Perhaps he or she may stand in front of their maker and have to explain how he or she grew through life without understanding THE basic lesson in life. “Love thy neighbor as thyself.”
    Maybe Christ does not like gay? I have no idea… I really have no idea. I could spit chapter and verse as well as RT I’m sure…. It doesn’t mean I understand it any more than he does either. He words of the Bible mean nothing. It is the true understanding of those words that count. I for one know I am not going to pretend what Christ considers damning and what he does not. I personally am a little afraid of the next lightning bolt landing square on my head.
    It seems I know less on a number of issues the older I get. Perhaps it is just that… A part of growing older.

  8. I liked your response. I don’t necessarily agree with Miss California, but people should be able to civilly and amiably express their opinions. She wasn’t spreading hate. Perez Hilton was. Shame.
    But I do have to take issue with assertion that half of marriages now end in divorce. This could be the most pervasive, yet erroneous stats to embed itself in our collective.

  9. SnellvilleGA Citizen

    Perez Hilton is a Jerk and the Miss America Pageant has lost its authenticity.

    Miss California lost because of her answer to the question about gay marriage.

    The judge, regardless of his or her personal beliefs and lifestyle is there to be impartial and judge fairly . . . that is the sign of a great judge, to give someone high marks even though you do not necessarily agree with his/her position.

    You could clearly see on Perez’s face that he was personally insulted, because he is gay. To let his personal feelings be the determining factor for a prestigious event is deplorable.

    . . . It is not how she answered the question her in trouble, but it is clearly what she said when she answered. You could see Perez Hilton just shake his head in personal disappointment.

    This is not what and who we need judging a Miss America Pageant.

    Donald Trump, you owe us better than this and you should be speaking out more than anyone.

    SnellvilleGA Citizen

  10. Rich, what in hell are you talking about?! Forget it…you must not know. It’s a rhetorical question anyway and doesn’t require an answer. Jesus H. Christ!

    You’re comments are as unduly insulting and offensive as Perez Hilton’s were. Well, neither am I not trying to insult, offend or be mean spirited here but let’s be honest, you’re one of those people who are so obstinately and intolerantly devoted to your own opinion and prejudice when it comes to your religion that I must place you in that category of people known as religious bigots. You damn near remind me of one of those militant Muslim zealots.

    People like you are hurting the conservative movement and have been for years.

    I don’t share your religious beliefs and, to be quite honest, neither do I share the religious beliefs of this blog’s author. In fact, most people of any conventional religious faith (whatever the hell that is) would probably consider me an atheist. I have no doubt that you would also consider me one, therefore you would also conclude that I couldn’t be a conservative. But you would be wrong…again.

    Does it say in your bible that people who do not share your religious beliefs couldn’t possibly be political conservatives. Nope. I know it doesn’t. I was brought up reading it, studying it, memorizing the verses, etc. I’ve read more than one version of it and continue to do so today. So I doubt that you know any more about it than me, or Diane, or anyone else.

    But still, I’m very conservative. That’s right. I’m one of those people who cling to my guns and my cultural tradions. But I do not go to church unless I’m attending a wedding or a funeral or some other activity which just happens to be conducted in a church and do so without fear of being struck dead or dumb. I bow my head to no god or king. I do my spiritual meditation in private and in silence and often with my eyes open and my head erect, and I swear I’ll kick the devil’s ass if I’m wrong about there being no hell in the afterlife (which is why I’m sure he wouldn’t want me down there anyway if he did exist). If Jesus was the child of God and God incarnate and spirit of God all rolled into one, than so am I and so are you. You may consider that blasphemy and heresy. But that’s an entire different matter.

    Whether you like it or not, I am still a conservative right-wing American and I will do everything I can to preserve conservative values, which happen to include your religious freedom and my right to be free from being compelled to worship your god.

    Diane, I’m sorry about the rant but I couldn’t help it. It wasn’t the devil who made me do it. It was Rich.

    By the way, if you’re not already familiar with it, I recommend the book, “While Europe Slept” by Bruce Bawer, a conservative gay American man who wrote about his experiences in Europe before and after 9/11.

    • SOrry but if you don’t know Christ or have the Holy SPirit, you wouldn’t understand. You see I once was lost but now I am found and until you are “found” in Him this is all hogwash! SO I see where your at, I was there. Honestly I never even understood “I once was lost but now I am found” until I was found and boy do I get it now, there is nothing like being known and loved by Christ and knowing and loving him back, its incredible. To compare this relationship to someone that doens’t have it would be like describing the love you have for your child or the greatest person you love. SO because we love God so much we want to honor His ways and His words. It is so difficult to understand this and you probably think I’m crazy along with the rest of us and thats ok. But in our defense God’s way is something we respect and we would love to see His world resemble His plan for all of us. So if it is at all possible please step out of your ideas and contemplate what I have said because I was once like you. God Bless. And remember this…..He finds you and knows you and loves you while you were yet a sinner and lost from His knowledge. Praying for you to receive this great gift like me……Born again 11/11/95 still being worked on-its tuff!

  11. Bible? God? Christian? Money? Fate? Security? Insecurity?
    how much education you have to discuss this issue? ok, you read the bible but did you read any history books, any Darvin’s, any psychology, biology, etc???
    we can talk about God and Bible but each of us has their own, a different perception of the same object/subject and the fact is that no one can say for sure if religion is all true or false.
    Oh, i do believe in God, not the bible like God but my own and i am also ok being eaten by warms when i die – that is going to happen to each of us ether we believe in God or not. Some may dedicate their lives to God but what itreally means, what if it’s not true, does it mean you just wasted your life on somebody else’s lies? why can’t we just live our own lives?

  12. I am very upset to learn that not more conservatives of this nature speak up for what they believe. The media is poison. It put ideas in peoples head, and they don’t even know it. I call that brain washing. I am extremely proud of Miss California 2009, and her own beliefs. PerezHilton.com should be boycotted, that would get a rise out of him. He is just plain diaereha, and someone needs to shut him up. He blogs, because he has nothing better to do, and picks on everyone and anyone. He can dish it, but can’t take it… that to me is a plain loser. I agree that that kind of question, has NO merit whatsoever on the pagent. How about global warming? ecomonics, environment? those sound to me like better questions to ask. Its a shame what this country has turned into. What the hell happened to freedom of speech? You can only say something if its politically correct? Thats plain BS. The homosexuals? Where do they come from? Does the media introduce it as normal behavior? Are these people misfits that don’t fit in the norm, and than go and become gay? I mean a man doesn’t want to be with a woman, but rather with a man? How does that happen? A homosexual man dresses like a woman, has a high pitched voice, wears makeup, earrings, and walks with a wiggle. Sounds like a woman to me…. and they say its not a chemical imbalance in the brain? Marriage is a unity between a man and woman and the goal is pro-creation. When was the last time you saw two gays procreate by themselves, w/o any donors? This sick cycle has to stop.

  13. How do gays fit in with an institution that evolved out of the competing interests and reoccurring personality traits of man and woman?

    Marriage is mostly a socializing mechanism meant to make the two more harmonious in a way that will best contribute to society. It is meant to tame the male psyche and to give the female one an audience that appeals to her. The first would go off to have more robust and exciting adventures if there wasn’t some kind of conditioning force to tell it not to; the second wouldn’t know how to stand up for itself in such an impolite, disinterested world.

    Gays fit nowhere in this diagram. They have to evolve individually, on the edges of it. Gays who want to get married because they think that day will be the happiest of their lives are acting like children who immediately becomes aware that the next door kids have a toy that they don’t have. That is an incredibly bad reason to want a toy.

    • I have absolutely no idea what you are talking about. I don’t need the government to allow me to obtain the “next door kids toy”. I dedicated myself to my partner nearly 15 years ago in a Christian church. And indeed it was the happiest day of my life.

  14. To dsgawrsh:

    (part 1 of 2)
    You will know of most all that I am going to say here, so overlook the “preaching” and look at it for what it does not appear as. First off, I am not at war with you. In fact, I am fighting with you. If you are my sister, then you will understand what is being said. If you are Christian then the Holy Spirit will help us understand.
    The fact is, the Bible is clear that forgiveness abounds because of the Grace of God and because of Christ. However, as Christians, we tend to focus on the Grace side and not The Law from which we were brought from. Grace was given to free us because of The Law but something has gone wrong and because of our free will. We are settling for cheap grace kinda like an entitlement taken for granted. We have gone too far. The intention for having the Savior was that we would understand and receive forgiveness from sin freely but not continue in it. The Law was given to keep folks from straying from the protection of the Father which, no different from today, primarily related to idolatry, selfishness, laziness. The bible warns us of what is not of the Father…”the lust of the flesh, lust of the eyes and the pride of life “(I John 2). Many would stray. Many would die prematurely. Many would suffer because of disobedience, because of crossing the Father. Many would become diseased. The Law was indeed stiff, a schoolmaster in fact, and impossible to keep. Now we have Grace. Not cheap grace but costly Grace. This is the sacrificial kind. Not an entitlement.
    Hence, the Messiah was sent. Jesus said to “Enter through the narrow gate. For wide is the gate and broad is the road that leads to destruction, and many enter through it. But small is the gate and narrow the road that leads to life and only a few find it.” (Matt 7).
    With this, let me tell you that I am least perfect of anyone.

    Let me tell you that my younger step-brother died 15 years ago of AIDS, age 30. I love my brother. I spent many of his last days by his side as he shriveled up in pain on my mothers couch at home. He looked 85 years old when he took his last breath. I believe I will meet Johnny on the other side. My mother is still heartbroken. She has now lost my dad, Johnny’s dad and now Johnny.

    (see part 2 of 2)

    • I’m sorry for the loss of your step-brother. And indeed Christ told Paul that his grace was sufficient for whatever sin it was that Paul was unable to pray away. We all have our thorns in the side and every one of us needs the grace of God and His mercy. If only more of His Christian children were reflections of that.

  15. To dsgawrsh:

    (part 2 of 2)

    I have a tremendous fear (respect) for God and His Word and for me, like many, sin hurts. And what I see outside myself in a straying world hurts. So, please do not take my position as offensive, judgmental or insulting. You do what you need to get right and stay right with your Creator and Savior. I just know that, by God’s Grace, in my 27 years of marriage I have stayed true to basic principle and continue to grow, bare fruit & repent daily of what I call “stupid stuff”.

    As I said to you before, I love you. I love you as though you were my own child, as though I were your dad. I have a married daughter who I love dearly. I hold her in my arms today as I always have. Her husband is an awesome warrior and we have tremendous respect for him (cause she is a hand full, type A). I want only God’s best for her. I want only God’s best for you and nothing less because in this world there is plenty of compromise. Plenty of folks are settling for second best or third best or cheap grace. All of which appears as alright with them. But things really are not as they appear, are they?

    As the world continues to spiral downward, (wax old) there is One hope. In the end, I will have no regrets accept that I could have been closer to Johnny, could have helped him before he became gay. Instead, as ignorant teenagers we would mistreat him for having a father, an alcoholic math school teacher who was an embarrassment to the other three of us at school. Our anger was vented towards Johnny. Johnny became mama’s boy and the rest is history. So, yea, sin hurts. My sin hurts.
    Now then, I have learned and now I believe in tough love and accountability in order to stay on task. I balance The Law with Grace. Like steel and velvet, like hot and cold that each has their place. I want what is best for you. I want what is best for Miss California. She had to settle for being the first loser, or was she? To the wise, she is the far greater winner. We know who was the big loser but who cares about that since things are not as they appear.

    Becoming a Christian is free and simple. Staying the course is difficult. Heck ya, it’s worth it! It takes guts to stand for Christ especially when enemies will, like cowards, stalk you want to bring you down where it is “safe”. I am not talking about right-wing extremist stuff…at all.

    Now then, let’s talk the walk and walk the talk together. If we know and believe the Truth then the Truth can make us free.
    I Agape You.

  16. Diane, I *think* you struck a nerve… 🙂

    It’s quite possible to be a Christian and be gay, obviously. I don’t think anyone’s doing anyone else any favors by playing the “get out of sin free” card by simply being heterosexual, here.

    Anyway, thought you might find this article interesting, as it’s quite libertarian in nature: http://hotair.com/greenroom/archives/2009/04/22/let-gays-have-marriage-were-not-using-it/

    And before someone accuses me of atheism, I’ll shock them even more. I’m ca-ca-ca-ca-Catholic!! What’s worse, I’m a recent convert to Catholicism!

    • Thanks Lindy – you right wing extremist hater you! 🙂

      • Hi I was actually resonding to Lindy’s comment but thanks for replying, these posts are so old I thought I was writing to the wind.

    • no there is no “get out of hell for free card” with Christ for the heterosexual nor the confessing and proud to be gay (and live in known purposeful sin and call myself a CHristian). The guy is truly trying to help her as Christ will reveal to all of us the times He sent people into our lives to speak His truth to us and steer us in the right direction. AND I believe before He judges those who refused to repent He will play back all those times when others came to them to warn them, then He will show them that He was there and heard and seen there responses and then He will allow them to watch it themselves for proof since so many have no faith, and they will see how they refused to repent or listen. SO it is God’s desire we speak His truth, His way, and tell of His life. In love but in truth. SOmetimes I am steering others into CHrist and sometimes I am being steered to CHrist. WHat I mean is we all need that encouragement. But let us not be proud and bold in declaring our sins, thats absurd! ANd if I live a bold sinful life and call myself CHristian would you mock me? I think (rightly so) If CHrist knows my heart is to direct us/me from sin then He knows that I love His ways and that my heart is free from condemning others and only concerned of there salvation or lack of it than the mockery of me is on those that refuse CHrist and they will receive there judgment. DOn’t take God’s ways lightly. Think about it

      • Yep, that’s me taking God very lightly. Christ is my Lord and Savior – see you in heaven!

  17. Perez Hilton made an awfully quick transition from respectable pageant judge to vindictive media beast

  18. I have a question. Pure curiosity, no offense or anything, alright? Explain to me the trail of thought that you follow when you say that you’re a gay Christian woman? I mean, I read the post, I read the comments, I noticed that you have read the Bible multiple times.. Did you not get the slightest feeling that God despises your lifestyle?

    I’m not bashing your choices, you can stick with them as long as you feel like it. But why call yourself a Christian? Why pray to God who clearly pointed out that such decision is a sin in His eyes? I honestly don’t get it.. And I would love to hear your response. I’ll check back soon.

    • Katya, I have a question, are you just ignorant or stupid? No offense. That is exactly what it seems as if you have asked me. I don’t have to explain myself to you, but suffise it to say I don’t just call myself a “Christian”. As a matter of fact, I usually call myself a follower of Christ because so called Christians have so tarnished the title. And what is my lifestyle? I just love when people use that term because they never define it. Is it that I’m a conservative? I’m a business owner? I like to watch movies? I share my life with someone who happens to be of the same gender? What exactly do you mean since you seem to want to define me as do most of your ilk as one basic thing.

  19. You didn’t answer my question, and I don’t see how ‘define lifestyle’ fits into this. By ‘your lifestyle’ i meant your sexual orientation, duh. And all I wanted to know is how you found a way to compromise your “following of Christ” with something that followers of Christ are absolutely forbidden to do (homosexuality)?

    • Duh! Why would I answer your question since you could care less and you know it. That is your interpretation and guess what…not all Christians interpret the Bible the way you do. As I said, I don’t have to explain myself to you, but since you have God’s ear, why don’t you ask Him since He knows my heart and even knew me in the womb.

  20. Funny thing, no “Christian” homosexual ever wants to explain how they figured out a way to combine the two. “Or do you not know that the unrighteous will not inherit the kingdom of God? Do not be deceived; neither fornicators, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor effeminate, nor HOMOSEXUALS, nor thieves, nor the covetous, nor drunkards, nor revilers, nor swindlers, will inherit the kingdom of God” (1 Corinthians 6:9-10). Oh please, enlighten me, how else can you interpret those verses?

    • Katya – show me the original language translation of that verse. Where exactly does the word “homosexual” appear in the original language of the Bible – no where. And stop pulling verses out of context. And context is the whole chapter and the history of the time. Suffise it to say that I spent years studying every verse that right wing Christians hurl at gay people and I actually spent time with the Holy Spirit searching for the answers and Jesus and I are just fine. Do you really think I could do justice to your questions here in a comments area? Something that took years for me to attain? Something that reams of books have been wirtten about? And the only One I have to answer to is my Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. Katya, you are in for a real surprise in Heaven when you see all of God’s gay children there as well. Now I am done with your inaneness!

  21. Heh heh…lindy’s right. You definitely hit a nerve with this one. Good job.

    I find it utterly amazing how quick some people are willing to castigate you and question your audacity to call yourself a conservative after you speak out in defense of Miss California’s answer to a loaded question. You even went so far as to voice your opposition to the likes of gay activists such as Perez Hilton, as you have before even while honestly and unabashedly admitting that you are homosexual. And still, people who should be applauding your stance and pointing out to others your exemplary position on this particular political issue do just the opposite. They point at you and and accuse you of not meeting the qualifying criteria for being a member of their fraternity.

    They hurl allegations of unworthiness at you. I totally resent such allegations but I resent the alligators even more.

    I am neither gay nor “Christian” but I stand with you, Diane. And I stand for you as well.

    • Thank you John – I so greatly appreciate you and your thoughts! I had so many of the same thoughts as you. Here I am supporting Miss California and not promoting gay marriage and the true “right wing extremists” cannot get past the whole Christian and gay thing and would rather waste their breathe and time attacking me personally. This is the problem with the GOP and the right wing. Extremes of any sort are bad for the nation. I even had a fellow internet host come into the chatroom at my radio show and start personally attacking me and telling my listeners they should listen to him, a real conservative. I thought we conservatives needed to stick together to defeat socialism in America. We may not all agree with each other, but I thought we were on the same side. And “true” conservatives are about liberty and freedom.

  22. I can never applaud you enough for being bold enough to answer truthfully from your heart. You did the right thing and I am proud of you, although I support gay marriage, I am sick of this ridiculous environment where people have to be terrified of being authentic. It is a sad state of affair when people are so viciously attached for sharing a different point of view. What happened to the America that I grew up in where people were allowed a freedom of differing opinions?

  23. Ms. California will be speaking at my school Liberty University and i will comend her from all of us 🙂

  24. Judgement and hate are NOT Christian values that Jesus talked about. To do both exudes extreme arrogance. Let’s leave these things up to the man upstairs.

  25. It seems strange that the Miss. California pageant officials are slamming the current Miss. for simply stating not only her opinion but the opinion of the majority of voters in California.

  26. decorumphotography

    Thank you so much Miss California for not folding to the systems of inaccurate understandings. I must say that I am happy that someone is standing up no matter how much flack they get from the “politically correct” persons of influence. Well done Miss California I applaud you.


  28. Perez Hilton should have not been a judge. He is biased and and a classless celebrity. Who is he anyways

  29. kathleen hansen

    It is so refreshing to have someone like Miss California answer that boiler-room question that Perez Hilton asked her for her final question in the Miss America Pageant. Speaking from experience, I will say that Perez Hilton exhibited “true to form arrogance and pushiness” by a gay person, concerning a gay issue. Speaking from experience – having a gay sister and a gay brother – their outspokeness and arrogance knows no boundaries. I was thrilled to hear Miss America’s answer to that question. I think so many people have had it rammed down their throats that they must watch what they say, and that God forsaken political correctness. Why don’t the gays have to curtail their bahavior when they get into that mode of “In your face you must accept my lifestyle”…. They can’t accept what the straight world thinks and may wish to discuss, but we are all supposed to suck it up when we have to hear their tirades and militant views. I will say right now “I AM SICK OF THE GAY ATTITUDE!!!! If this is what they want their life to be, so be it, I could care less, but they are so obnoxious and flaunting – they probably don’t realize that that is what turns people off to them & their lifestyle.
    I would like to comment on one unfair comment Perez Hilton said in the midst of all this controversy, pertaining to Miss California’s answer to his loaded question – He said “she should keep religion and politics out of her answers”. Hey Perez, if she should not make any reference to those things – where do you get off asking a question that is not only politically charged, but also morally questionable??? Heed the advice you give. And by the way – your statement that “she offended the gay & lesbian community and their families” – bla, bla, bla – I can tell you first hand: Most of their families can’t stand them anyway – so stop making it sound like Miss California offended all kinds of people!! So many people I know are applauding her!! Stop being an arrogant jackass, Perez – you gays need to pipe down in society – you’re much to brazen & obnoxious!! Signed – “Many people’s thought’s – BELIEVE ME!!!!”

  30. I would like to commend you for the answer you gave that fagot regarding gay marriage and you are very correct regarding the terminology of Marriage and that’s what the scriptures says and that is what the creator Himself has commanded us to do and if that fagot is itching he could go anytime and rub his bottom against a rock and that might ease his problems.
    I hope you can contact me and may be we could do some great things to educate all the people as this business of gays is going to cause destruction to the human race and our planet.If you had land you would want to obtain some fruits of your labor when you sow a seed but when you put a seed in land that is barren you will not reap any fruits from it and this exactly the example of having sex in the wrong hole i.e.anal sex.I therefore commend you for your answer.

    • Umm…thanks I think? If you want to use Scripture and present yourself as a Christian, perhaps you should think about the way you word your message. And perhaps you did not catch that I am gay, so why would I help you inform everyone that gays are destroying humanity. Wow we are so powerful – Hee Hee Hee (laughing with dictator-like glee) – even though we are so few in number.

  31. me again motor mouth here, been reading over your posts (diane it is?) and I find that there is something deeper to you than a “Gay” CHristian and I think you got it partially right when you were answering Katya, you are more than “Gay” this doesn’t define WHO YOU ARE. Which is a soapbox for me. I hate how gays label themselfs like I am gay-and that all I am. I believe if people that always refer to themselfs as GAY would stop that, there would be a greater idenity in WHO they really are rather than WHAT they REALLY do. Gay shold not be the defining moment in a pesons life that sets them apart. I could go on and on about this one but I will stop. Some really good links as I have been an avid studier and prayer warrior and lover of those that practice homosexuality http://www.syrogers.com (MUST GET HIS VIDEO titled “One of the Boys”) Best speaker I have ever heard!!! EVER! And a friend that I adore dearly, here is his myspace page: http://www.myspace.com/thejatkins I have a wealth of resources for those that practice homosexuality. Personally I am no one to judge just love. God Bless you!

    • Thank you for looking deeper sherri! I have never shoved “gay” down anyone’s throat and the reason I even mention it is because I want people to know that not all gay people are like the raving lunatic activists that storm churches and are people like Perez Hilton. I would never classify every Christian like I do Reverend Phelps – who I believe is most definately not a Christian. Thanks for the links!

  32. I’m not Christian, nor am I gay. I think this topic has no relevance to religion whatsoever. Simply, Hilton asked for Prejean’s opinion. Why such a contentious issue was brought up at a beauty pageant, I’m not sure. But Prejean should not have been vilified for voicing an opinion, especially when done in a polite manner. Religious arguments only devalue the debate, because someone from another religion might not see eye to eye.

  33. Dave in Colorado

    Miss California gave an honest answer to a loaded question. If she can be demonized for her beliefs, then why can’t the same happen to Perez? He should be held accountable for his opinion and lose his job in the same way he wanted Miss.California to lose hers. There is no way she should be receiving the flack that has been thrown at her. I just went to the Miss. California web site and she is not there. They have the 2008 winner instead. How childish of them. You rock Carrie, Hang in there and all these little people hounding you will dissapear back to where they came from.

  34. I am not impressed with Carrie at all. Real Christians do not go prancing around, practically naked, making men lust after them, bringing glory to themselves. Good for her, she has a semi-moral belief! But that doesn’t mean that God is pleased with her.

  35. Being a Christian I applaud Miss Prejean for standing up for what the Bible says about marriage and the fact that she was asked her opinion no one has the right to criticize he,r even if they don’t agree, that is what freedom of speech is all about, and I feel Perez Hilton was so out of place with what he said to her and about her and how he acted that disciplinary actions should be brougth up against him, if not fired.

  36. What I consider to be morally right and wrong is of no consequence. WE are SUPPOSED to live in a DEMOCRATIC SOCIETY. Ms. CA was asked a loaded question, presumably asked because a controversial ballot measure passed recently. Ms. Prejen answered with the truth she honestly believes in. In my honest opinion, If YOU are afraid of the answer to your question, DON’T ask.
    Personally, I agree with Ms. Prejen, and yes the chief cause of divorce is marriage. Ms. CA is a “breath of fresh air” in more ways than one.

  37. I understand Rich Taylor and Sherri’s point of view and that is probably one of the most articulate arguments put forth by those who believe that we should follow the Bible as it is, since it is Law.

    But the real question is, what is your view on the origin of homosexuality? Is it in-born and part of a person’s nature (in their dna?)? Or is it a choice? If it is NOT a choice how is it a sin? Is there any scientific evidence to prove or disprove it is a choice?

    Also, for those who believe in interpreting the Bible, because they believe it has been distorted by time and additions by unscrupulous leaders, if that is the case, does that mean that the Bible probably isn’t as true in it’s contents? Does that mean that it is possible more than one section apart from the Corinthians verse denouncing homosexuals, have been “edited”? And if the Bible can be easily distorted, how then can one be sure the Christian religion as a whole was not simply philosophy distorted and packaged as religion by men seeking political gain via organized religion?

    I’m not trying to offend anyone, but I do feel that alot of these key questions have been avoided in the ongoing discussion on whether God truly condemns homosexuality.

  38. It’s kudos, not kuddos.

    And lustre, not luster. A luster is a person who lusts.

    Miss California has no right taking the moral highground about anything, let alone partnerships.

    She should be grateful for having been given the chance to even be there, after having been discovered as a boob-baring, brazen bissom!!

    I thought this blog was called freedom swings. How confusing!

  39. You’re a hero. Do not worry about an earthly crown, that of God is eternal. You are clearly written this, man and woman shall be one flesh. You are brave, and God will reward you big and you will also not stay in shame as want to.

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