Obama Warmly Greets “Dictator” Hugo Chavez


To each other: You are the man!

To each other: You are the man!









The secret "Dictator Wanna-Be" shake.

The secret "Dictator Wanna-Be" shake.








Words escape me on this one.  There is a certain degree of formality in shaking hands with other world leaders whether you get along or not.  I still would have a hard time with President Obama shaking hands cordially with wanna-be Dictator Hugo Chavez since Chavez has said horrible things about America and President Bush in the past, but this is over the top.  What exactly deems something a traitorous move?

Look at the grins they both have on their faces and Obama is grabbing Chavez’s arm as if he would like to embrace the guy.  It is the kind of greeting you would give an old friend – Hmmm  makes you wonder.  But the second picture is ridiculous!  I added the snarky caption, but really, what is that handshake?  It looks like a “from the hood” kind of move.  My God! 

Our President is either a naive twit or really does mean us harm.  If you know me, you know I believe the latter.  He is cutting our defense spending, killing the missile shield program and promising to rid America of nuclear weapons.  He is trying to play nice with evil men and caters to terrorists.  He exposes national secrets about intelligence gathering (oh, I’m sorry – torture) and apologizes to the world for the USA, referring to us as “arrogant and dirisive”.  He bows in subservience to Saudi kings and panders to Cuba.  So really, he is either ignorant or something sinister is at work here.


5 responses to “Obama Warmly Greets “Dictator” Hugo Chavez

  1. He’s a naive twit who thinks he’s way smarter than you and me. You just don’t get it. If you were a progressive elitist (or a CNN reporter) it would all make sense.

  2. Yes, it does make sense. I understand it. Obama, and those who chose him as their front man, are hell bent on ensuring that the United States will soon be unable to defend and protect its interests here and abroad.

    Ironically, the transparency promised by this traitorous charlatan has been fulfilled, for me anyway, because I can see right through him. Obama and his co-conspirators are a very real clear and present danger to this nation. You’re right, Diane. He’s either a naive twit or really does mean us harm. I am certain that it’s the latter – he means us harm.

    He and his cronies have malevolent intentions toward you and me. We’ve been set up for a disaster. At this point it has almost become a catch-22 situation, if it hasn’t already developed to that point. We’ll be doomed if we willingly go along with this scheme or we’ll be damned for resisting it. I choose the latter. I’d rather be condemned by fools and those with ill-will toward me and my country than to acquiesce to the tyrannical and arbitrary reform they are attempting to shove down our throats.

    For me there is nothing worth having and keeping unless I have sacrificed something for it. Freedom is worth fighting and dying for.

    I am sworn, just as all members of our all-volunteer military are sworn, to defend and protect this nation and its fundamental law, the US Constitution. I am retired from the US Army now after twenty years of service. I was a soldier. But I am still a soldier and will always be a soldier. Once sworn, always sworn. What’s now transpiring at the highest levels of our national government is precisely what I’m sworn to stand against. They know that.

  3. John, you must be one of those disgruntled, potential terrorist extremists that DHS warned us about. : )

    Hey, it’s okay to be disgruntled. Remember when dissent was the highest form of patriotism?

    Diane, we’re on the same page. Ugh. Obama’s busy bending over for our enemies and dissing our allies. And people like us–and John–are the real terrorists.

    Kind of makes me feel sick.

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