Obama And Media Lying About Mexican Guns

This is what we were protesting on Wednesday.  We are tired of the lies!  Yet again we have the Obama administration, the media and the President himself lying – this time about Mexican guns.  And this is not just a little twisting of facts.  It is huge!  Supposedly, 90% of guns confiscated at Mexican crime scenes come from America.  The President claimed that during his speech in Mexico and he said gun shops on the border have sold them.  But the truth is something quite different.  The fact is that only 17% of guns found at those Mexican crime scenes can be traced to America.

The fact that the media and the President twists, is that over 90% of the traced firearms originate in the US.  Notice the emphasis on the “traced” part.  That comes from the ATF.  Matt Allen, special agent of US Immigration and Customs Enforcement, says, “Not every weapon seized in Mexico has a serial number on it that would make it traceable, and the US effort to trace weapons really only extends to weapons that have been in the US market.”

Here are more facts:  Mexico confiscated 29,000 guns between 2007-2008 and submitted 11,000 to the ATF for tracing.  Close to 6,000 were able to be traced and 90% of those were found to come from the US.  What this means is that 68% of guns confiscated are never submitted for tracing.  Of those submitted, only 5,114 were traceable leaving 6,000 untraceable.  That makes 83% of confiscated guns untraceable to the US.

Perhaps the Obama administration should go looking in Russia, South America and Asia for the real gun dealers.  And they most definately better keep their hands off our guns!  See how they twist facts, fool the uninformed and use those lies to take our freedoms.  NO MORE!  DON”T TREAD ON ME!!!  (I apologize for the yelling.)


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