Orlando Tax Day Tea Party!

Today is the big day across the country as patriots raise their voices to take back our country from a government that has for too many years tread on our freedoms and our Constitution and has been spending and taxing us into oblivion!  I will be attending my event tonight in front of the Orlando City Hall at 6pm EST.  If you would like to attend an event in your area you can go to http://taxdayteaparty.com to find one near you. 

The GOP Wire Media Network has now become the Conservative Alliance Media Network and we will be having live coverage from the Las Vegas and Orlando events today.  Join Richard of Radio Active Politics for coverage from Las Vegas starting at 4pm EST http://www.blogtalkradio.com/radioactiveonline.  And join Dominic of the DomiNation Radio Show for coverage of the Orlando event provided by me via cell phone at 6pm EST http://www.blogtalkradio.com/domination.

We will be starting a wave across this country that will only gain momentum.  Do not let this movement stop here.  Get on board with an organization that will help you get active.  You can join us at http://conservativealliance.org.  There is also Glenn Beck’s http://the912project.com and the Patriotic Resistance at http://resistnet.com.   Watch for my video and coverage of the Orlando event and listen to my Freedom’s Wings show tomorrow with a post-day wrap-up at http://www.blogtalkradio.com/freedomswings.


2 responses to “Orlando Tax Day Tea Party!

  1. I’m with you! In Virginia Beach, Town Center, 11am across from Senator Webb’s office.

  2. I went; it was pretty solid. Good speakers and good anti-bailout, anti-tax, anti-spending consensus. A few kooks, but this is still America, I thought.

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