Pakistan President Gives Taliban More Power

President Asif Ali Zardari has signed a law that enables Pakistani Taliban extremists to impose their shari’a law in the North-West Frontier Province’s volatile Swat valley.  These actions of the President followed a  unanimous parliamentary vote Monday.  The vote supports an agreement that the government made last February to allow the implementation of shari’a law in exchange for militants to end a violent 18-month fight.

We have backed this Zardari fellow and he seemed to be reluctant to go with this agreement, but he proves to be a good politician.  The reason he waited was because he wanted Parliament to approve the agreement as well so that he is not solely responsible when the deal goes bad.  And I imagine it will because shari’a law has always proven to be a deadly and inhumane law. reports, “In the Swat [18-month fight] case, the agreement effectively formalizes the ceding of government control – over an area just 100 miles from Islamabad, and home to almost two million people – to Islamists sympathetic to the Afghan Taliban and al-Qaeda. Swathes of the tribal belt that abuts the NWFP already are under the control of Afghan Taliban and al-Qaeda fighters who regrouped there after U.S.-led forces toppled their regime in Kabul in response to 9/11.”

These fools all hope that this agreement to let shari’a law rule in the area will calm the militants down and restore peace.  The problem is that any extremists who support shari’a law have always proven to be anything but peaceful and we can expect them to embrace this new power and expand it by any means necessary.


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