Gaza Violence Spells Victory For Palestinians

Mary Fitzgerald reported in Irish Times that pro-Hamas speakers claimed that the recent violence in Gaza was a victory for Palestinians because it put the Middle East conflict back in the spotlight.  This claim was made even though 1300 Palestinians lost their lives during the violence.  The comments were made at the Al-Aqsa Festival in Dublin, Ireland which was a fundraiser for the Palestinian Rights Institute.

One of the speakers at the event was Sheikh al Baz who claimed that the violence had “restored to every Muslim his honour and dignity.”  He also claimed that resistance was the only way and not to follow the way of negotiation.  Another speaker was Azzam Tamimi who is the Palestinian director of the London-based Institute of Islamic Political Thought.  He railed against Europe and the US for insisting that Hamas must meet certain conditions.  One of those conditions is, of course, that they must recognize Israel’s right to exist.  He said, “Once you recognize Israel, you say to the world that the rape of my country and my people is acceptable.  It is a crime against humanity to recognize Israel’s right to exist because that would legitimize the crimes against humanity Israel has committed.”  Uh yeah, those crimes must be all the slaughter and blood drinking that Israel has committed.  What a joke.

What this reveals is that Hamas and the Palestinians will never live in peace with Israel.  This is why I have been so against any land deals or state deals.  The Palestinians must not be given a foothold to drive Israel into the sea.  And yes, I am saying the Palestinians as a whole because they chose Hamas as their leadership.  They must fight for themselves before anyone else can do that and before I will believe they can be trusted. 

And Mr. Tamimi called the EU “cowards” for not engaging Hamas even though we all know that terrorists are the real cowards who attack innocent people and usually do it by surprise.


One response to “Gaza Violence Spells Victory For Palestinians

  1. wow, this is really disturbing. This little convention and all of their guest speakers have shown me once again how brutal and arrogant these people actually are. We all knew, but this just opened my eyes again. let this be a PURE example to all the Liberals who dare to say that the Muslim world needs to prosper. these people are vicious and want nothing more than to destroy the holy land, Israel, and America.

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