Countdown With Olberdork Talks Tea Parties

This morning as I was flipping through the channels I came upon this gem of a show. Actually, every so often I check MSNBC to make sure that I am being accurate when I describe it as a left-wing Obama shilling biased piece of *bleep* network. I am still being accurate in that description. About five minutes into the show, David Shuster who was filling in for Olberdork interviewed Dan Gross of Newsweek about the tea parties taking place around the country. The video can be seen here.  Get out yourduct tape and read the following excerpts:

Shuster talked about the tea parties being “fluffed” by Fox News.  He also pointed out that “more of these things are supposedly unfolding…”  He continued by dogging the Washington D.C. party because Alan Keyes would be speaking there.  Shuster pointed out he was a failed presidential campaigner.  Shuster said, “The Republican groups behind this alledged movement… and the people ginning up the most planning for these movements work at Fox News.”

For this biased creep’s information – and so he can accurately report the facts in the future – no Republican group has anything to do with this.  This is non-partisan.  We spoke against both parties at the Orlando party on March 21st.  We’re sick of our government, period.  And Fox News has indeed jumped on the bandwagon, but that is the point: they joined us, not the other way around.  As a matter of fact, Glenn Beck was asked to be a keynote speaker at the Alamo Tea Party and he has decided to just be a part of the crowd so the focus is not on him.

Dan Gross called this movement “astroturf which is the opposite of grassroots.  Grassroots grows from the bottom up while astroturf comes from Washington conference rooms.”  I would say the lying was unbelievable if it were not that this schmuck writes for Newsweek.  Shuster asked who these protestors were and Gross replied we’re people against the bailouts, TARP, AIG bailout – the things that Bush did.  Was this suppose to offend us?  Yes, that is the point!  We’re mad at both parties – they just proved our argument.

When Gross was asked what we stand for, it was that we are against raising taxes and Shuster replied basically “for things that aggravate the situation.”  And then Shuster threw out this Obama talking point: “It’s the government only that can really inject money into the economy [at this time].”  Unbelievable!


Then Shuster asked Gross how the President should handle the tea parties.  Should he “ignore them, speak past them or counter them?”  Gross said that Obama should ignore them.  DO YOU NOTICE THE MISSING OPTION: LISTEN!!!!!!  How about the President listen to the people who he is leading?  How about that for a “change”? 

The great thing about this report though makes MSNBC look even more moronic then it already is and that is the fact that they ran this report.  I mean if this was some little movement that was “supposedly” going on that held no significance, then why are they even covering it and particularly in a pre-emptive fashion doing the report before the Tax Day Tea Parties?  Oh my, they are shaking in their $1,000 shoes.


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